Friday, March 14, 2008

Mixing it up!

Well, in changing the layout of this blog, I've lost a ton of links and stuff that I had in my sidebar. Have no fear, I'm slowly adding stuff as I think of it. And if I haven't added your blog back yet, please don't be offended! I had very little time last night and this morning to fiddle with it, but I'll get you back there, I promise. If I don't, feel free to swat me over the head with a reminder! Or, yanno, you could just leave a message. Come to think of it, that might be more effective.

I've also added a few blogs that I've been reading semi-regularly as well. Blogs that I've found through other IF bloggers' sites sometimes catch my eye and I bookmark them and head back every now and then to catch up. In particular, Everyday Stranger and Over my Ovaries... and On With My Life (previously: I'd Like a Refund on These Ovaries) are ones I check on often.

Hubby's been away on training for two weeks, so I've been flying solo. Now, while I LOVE being alone, I miss him terribly. I miss his smile. I miss his kiss. I miss his comfort. I miss his hand over my hip when I'm trying to sleep; for some reason, if I have any trouble sleeping, all it takes is him pulling me close in a spoon fashion and I'm out like a light. I miss his voice. I miss his reassurance. I miss everything about him. And I can't wait to pick him up at the airport this afternoon. And um... if you know me in real life, I beg, don't call tonight, m'kay?! The answering machine will be on duty, guaranteed! RAWR!

We have a number of appointments lined up as well.
March 25 - bloodwork for karotyping, glucose tolerance test (me), hormone levels (hubby)
March 31 - urologist for hubby (Montréal)
April 8 - RE consult for us both
TBD (CD3) - hormone levels for me

Next weekend is a four-day weekend. I am really hoping that we get a chance to hook up with Pam and her husband for a meal, or coffee, or whatever. Keep me posted Pam! Friday the 21st is also our godson's third birthday. And on Easter Sunday, our godson's brother will have his First Communion.

In the meantime, I'm still watching Ms. C and Serenity for birth announcements. I hope they have good news soon!

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Patti said...

I know what you mean about missing your hubby. Mark has had to go away for 2 weeks each of the last 2 summers and you can ask Pam when you see her (hopefully) how well I do when he's away. It's 14 nights of very little sleep and miserable lonliness.

Have fun this evening!