Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Friends!

It was so wonderful to meet Pam and her husband, V, on Sunday for brunch. I guess being a Newf, yanno, we're pretty sociable folks. So it was with absolute delight that hubby and I headed off to Perkins on Easter Sunday to spend a few hours in the fine company of Pam and her husband.

As V said on their blog, "We started talking when they walked up to Perkins and we stopped talking when we said our goodbyes." It was wonderful to meet them in person and I honestly hope we have the chance to hook up again soon.

Speaking of... there was some discussion of a get together for the folks in the Toronto area. I know I could make the drive down with little problem at all. Who'd be up for that I wonder? Maybe in April sometime? Post here and let us know. Maybe we can organize a little sumthin' sumthin'! Methinks Aurelia might be feeling housebound about now!


Patti said...

I already chatted with Pam about this. I'm in. I'm always happy to meet another Newf and the man who had the good sense to marry her!

Anonymous said...

great story!
i'm in for a toronto roundup!

Pam said...

I dunno, I have to think about it. ;) He he, just kidding as you know. I'm in and probably an organizer. :)

Aurelia said...

I'm up for it, but I know being so huge and pregnant...some people might not feel comfortable withe me being there, but whatever is good for you guys, is fine with me.

Let me know a date, and I'll make sure a few other Toronto Bloggers know, like Reality and Jellybelly, and Decemberbaby.

Anonymous said...

Let me know what you are thinking, and I could be game!