Monday, May 12, 2008

A Post from The Rock

I'm back home for 10 days, visiting my family. And what do I see falling from the skies yesterday but snow. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Freakin' snow. Lovely. Glad I brought my winter coat. I guarantee you, I needed it.

We went out yesterday to see some of the hundreds of icebergs that have been spotted along the coast. In fact, we managed to get some iceberg ice that had been washed ashore. After cleaning it and chopping it up, I had some with a rum and coke. Well worth the trouble, in my opinion. And in all my years, that was the first time I'd had the opportunity to taste iceberg ice, even though we were surrounded by the stuff every spring when I lived here. A first time for everything, right?

My thoughts are with my gaming friend, MH as he drives from California to Virgina to take a new job. His wife and 5-year old twins will be back in CA until later this year; she continues to work and keep their health insurance until his kicks in and she and the kids can move to VA as well. If all goes well, he'll be on the east coast by next weekend. Fingers crossed.

And even more thoughts are with my friend back in Ottawa. Tomorrow is K's jaw surgery to remove the cancer that is present. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and checking in with them tomorrow night. Until then, I worry. Hopefully we'll have test results soon.

I made it through M Day on Sunday too. With each passing year, I seem to dread it more. This year, it's made a little easier because I'm with my own mom. At least I can have that. A bonus too this year: AF arrived ON that precise day. Go me. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

hey you..sorry about the snow but glad to hear you're back home for a bit...nice getting your per.iod on mother's day, eh?!?!? we were doing a big clean out and decided to get rid of the baby stuff we'd been hanging on to...not what i pictured doing on mother's day, let me tell you...
enjoy the rest of your trip!