Sunday, May 04, 2008

To Do List

After a great first consult with Dr. G, she recommended that I do a few things to prepare for the upcoming IVF in Montréal.
  1. Look into some pilates (or yoga). She mentioned that many of us infertiles work off our frustrations at the gym. I know I definitely do that. But after IVF, protocol sometimes requires bedrest and no strenuous exercise. So I need to find other outlets. Pilates and breathing techniques might be a great way to do that.
  2. Look into massage therapy. Also a great technique to relax. I have a good friend who is a registered massage therapist; she'll be getting a call from me. She'll be glad to have a new client.
  3. Ask the clinic in Montréal (or here) about acupuncture. As I know through my own research, it's best done immediately before or after transfer, so I'd prefer to find someone in Montréal. Must see about that.

She also indicated that yes, I have a number of stressors in my life that are, well, overwhelming. I asked, "I don't know if I have more going on in that respect than others who are in my position..." and her immediate reply was a wide-eyed, "Oh yes. Definitely." She knows this because she reads this blog. So she understands about the friend who is ill. The friend who just moved in. The health issues I'm still dealing with (hypothyroidism and insulin resistance). The issues with my folks. The craziness at the office. And more.

So I think that researching these three things and following through with them will help me learn to de-stress a bit (yes, I'm an admitted stress-junkie) and work through all of the anger that I still have about this process taking so long, and doctors not listening to my concerns.

It was good to talk. There's more of that to come.

Oh yeah, and for hubby having said that, "This doesn't affect me as much as you," he never shut up! *laughs* I think he needs to talk to someone too. This affects us both, and while I may need more time with Dr. G than he does, I think he needs that outlet as well.


Tricia said...

Hey Gill,

If you're interested in yoga, check out for online yoga classes - a different one each day, all free of charge!

Aurelia said...

Sweetie, about your Doc reading your blog---you may want to ask her not to, only because you need to have the freedom to talk about your own issues with her and her staff, if any, without feeling self-conscious.

My RE in Toronto for example, sometimes reads IF blogs, or message boards, but he makes it a policy to only read ones from the US or other countries. He also makes it clear to his nurses that they do the same, because he knows that sometimes even the most grateful of patients need to blow off some steam, and they have the right too as long as they aren't slandering someone online with the full name say...

Might be worth asking her to not read once you get into your cycling with her?

Anonymous said...

My advice would be to find an acupuncturist at home as well as in Montreal. I have done acupuncture and it is very relaxing and helps calm me down. It does get pricey, but if you are only doing it for a month or two, it shouldn't be too bad.

Kate said...

Yoga is a lifesaver for me!

Marie-Baguette said...

I gave acupuncture a shot and ended up pregnant! I believe it helped me to relax (after a session, I would sleep much better) and also the acupuncturist knew what I was going through and was incredibly supportive. I had sessions before the transfer and right after the transfer and then for some time after it (I quit because I was just too exhausted to drag myself to the acupuncturist and it was not helping my morning sickness). It did not come cheap, but it helped. Also studies have shown that it helps increase blood flow to the uterus and hence improve IVF success rates. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

I loved the acupuncture...I really, really helped with the stress levels...i've been thinking more about needing to express my anger in healthier ways (as opposed to grinding my poor tortured teeth ever night, for example)...let me know how it all goes for you...

Neeroc said...

Hey Gil,

I just did a *huge* catch up with you and I'm so very happy to hear how things are going for you so far, and the comfort levels you've had with the people you've seen in Montreal and Ottawa (sorry too tired for ASCII accents *g*). I only know the staff in Ottawa, but I've always had nothing but raves for them, and I think you saw AL - wonderful guy - truly caring, he took care of many of my procedures. I cannot wait to hear how things go once they get your levels straight, and to hear how things go with hubby.