Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And on Tuesday, the haggard wench arrived... she brought friends.

I am so ready to throw in the towel.

And yet, here we are on CD2 and I have just started BCP for November/December IVF & ICSI #1. But why? Why go through this?

Yet another girlfriend mailed me yesterday; she's expecting her fourth child in June 2009. Glad someone gets lucky round here...

Got an invitation to my sister-in-law's shower; it will be held between monitoring appointment #1 and #2 towards the end of November. I've no idea yet what to get for her or what she needs. I'll have to talk to hubby's mother about that.

And then yesterday we got hit with such f*cking great news; hubby's ex is about to slam him in court for more child support. I will bet anything that she is doing this because we are taking the kids to Florida and she knows damn well she can't afford to do that while living at her parents' home with the kids and squandering her life and money. If she does this, I can pretty much guarantee that it is the first and last big vacation those kids will get because every other cent will have to go towards monthly payments. B*tch. I could happily throttle her sorry a$$. For years, hubby has been paying more than was originally ordered by the courts on a voluntary basis and shelling out for little extras now and then. If she does this, they won't get those extras (like vacations or trips to Newfoundland with us periodically).

Nice time to do it too; right as I'm starting BCP for IVF. Like I need that extra financial stress at the moment.

I feel like I'm on an island and while I see support ships offshore, no one is ON this island with me. No one is sandbagging alongside me. No one is huddling with me under the single palm tree for shelter in the storm. Big, beautiful, well-stocked ships >just< offshore. I wish they were closer.

Someone shoot me now and get it over with. Please.


Aurelia said...

Just remember this: if you two have a baby, by IVF or even by adoption, then her support payments automatically goes down. no choice no fight. In fact, can you guys include your IF costs as medical expenses and say that you can't do it?

Actually, considering that you did that newspaper article, is there any chance that she reads this blog, hon? feel free to edit the post or take down my comment if need be.

Anonymous said...

My sweet, sweet friend...I am wrapping you in the biggest of hugs!!!!! THE BIGGEST!!!!! I can relate on many levels not the least of which is going to court re: child support. We just got hit with the same thing...once she realized we were going on a trip, on our own...the first one since our 4 day honeymoon. UGH!
Hang in there on all'll get through it.