Friday, October 31, 2008

Stress? Oh yes. Bring on the vacation time!

Things have been rough/stressful in the last few weeks, but we are trying to sort ourselves out.

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I attend a meeting of the local chapter of the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) at which the topic of discussion was how to know when to stop treatment. A very interesting subject indeed and one I expect I am going to need to explore in the coming year.

Anyway, all was good... sort of.

The meeting was held in a local community centre and library on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. We had one of the meeting rooms reserved for the IAAC. On the door was a little portion of the e-mail invitation identifying the group and what the topic of discussion was, so that attendees could find the right room. Well, unfortunately that paper also served to advertise to the immature teens frequenting the centre that afternoon as to our purpose. Pretty soon, there were a gaggle of sh*tdisturbers hanging outside the door, laughing, pointing at the notice and generally causing trouble. A few of the gentlemen (and ladies I think) who were attending the meeting went out to ask them to please be quiet, etc. To no avail. It culminated in one of these stellar examples of why people might want to practice birth control *eyeroll* opening the door, and yelling into the room, "Ha! You guys can't have kids!" followed by raucous laughter and general infantile reactions by the other forgotten-condom-results outside the door. The guest speaker said, "Would anyone like me to do something about that?" And of course so many of us were just mortified. Dumbstruck. I am sure I was near tears. Truly, at that precise moment I wanted to just grab my fleece jacket and make a hasty departure.

All of a sudden, hubby says, "I'll take care of it." And he jumps up and heads for the door where said infantile teen had been loitering. I was shocked. I was utterly dumbstruck. I must say, hubby's reaction took me by surprise, I confess. He's usually so pacifist and easygoing, it was completely out of character. But up he jumped and off he went. And about 5 or 8 minutes later, he returned. I didn't speak to him about it right then; I just laid my hand on his thigh to show him how VERY much it meant to me that he stood up for me, for him, for all of us in that room. It really hit home. Afterwards, I asked him about what happened. Apparently he caught the waste-of-gametes just outside the main doors and promptly grabbed him by the neck/collar and told him in no uncertain terms that his comments were not appreciated, nor were they helpful and it would be to his benefit if he refrained from such outbursts in the future. Hubby did manage to get an apology from the little bugger, so there is that. Still though, it was incredible to me that this sort of thing could (and does) happen.

But more incredible to me was my husband's response. I have to tell you... *whispers* hubby was sufficiently rewarded later that night for his initiative! Go get em baby! WOO HOO!!!

Yes, some decorum right?
Let's move along. On to other things.

I'm still on the BCP for the IVF #1 cycle. I start Buserelin (aka Suprefact) injections next Friday, November 7. Wish me luck. Right now, even the BCP is making me nauseous and dizzy! I haven't taken BCPs in about 12 years, so this is weird for me!

On Monday we leave for a family holiday. My parents and two of my aunts will be heading to Florida for a vacation and hubby and I are going as well. This time, we're taking my stepchildren (a boy, J, who is 12, and his sister T who will turn 14 while we are there). The kids haven't ever been to Florida before, nor do they get many holidays so we're hoping to make this one special for them. We will do the Disney thing (Magic Kingdom) of course, and maybe Busch Gardens in Tampa too. The kids may opt to swap Busch out for the Animal Kingdom or another park in Orlando; we'll have to see.

And if I time it right, I might be able to attend some of next week's American Translators Association (ATA) conference at the Hilton in the Magic Kingdom. I met with a potential service provider yesterday who indicated that their company will be there and he said, "Hey Gil, if you want to go, here's my cell phone number. Call me when you get there and I'll sign you in!" Okay, he said it in French, but that's what he said... and I just about danced with glee! I'm going to try to get there, but no guarantees of course.

Today, my thoughts are with my best friend MH as he leaves VA to fly to CA to finish the moving of their home and hopefully by Sunday, he'll be on the road with his family. I know things are difficult right now honey... hang in there. Just hang on. Never let go.

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate. I'll try to update from Florida in the coming weeks. Promise!


Patti said...

Happy Hallowe'en!

Because Mark adn I recently took our kids to Orlando (and they are now 14) may I respectfully suggest that intead of Busch Gardens, you spend a couple of days at Universal Studios? It is geared far more towards teens and adults than Busch Gardens and the rides and movie-themed stuff is a LOT of fun.

Hope you have a great time!

loribeth said...

Your dh is my new hero!! I generally say I would never wish infertility on my worst enemy... but I might make an exception for those little brats. Of course, they will probably have three each before they reach 20. :p Have a good vacation!

Vee said...

Unbelievable ! Little shits, YAY for your DH...what a guy.
Have a great holiday!

ms. c said...

Hey Gil... just catching up here.
Enjoy your holiday, I LOVE Disney, have fun there with the kids.
I just want to reiterate that if you even need anything in Montreal, please please let me know (I don't know if you know anyone here, or if you want to know me with the baby and all, but the offer is always there.)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, I can't believe that there are kids out there that would even be clued in enough to realize that not being able to have kids is a horrible thing. What a little shit and what a cool husband!