Sunday, November 09, 2008

Vacationing in Florida

Ah Florida. Sunny skies. Soft white sand. Blue water. And retail therapy. What more could a girl ask for?

Well, I can tell you I would like to ask for a holiday that doesn't involve injections, but we all know that's a fantasy, right?

As much feared, I am on holiday and I have to begin the injection protocol. I had hoped to avoid it til after I got home. Oh well. So I started the Buserelin (Suprefact) injections as of Friday past. So far, so good. I think. The injections have gone well and no bruising as of yet though I suspected that last night's shot would have given me one because it hurt like hell. And these are only sub-cue injections... I've no idea how I'm going to handle the PIO shots! *trembles at the thought*

Yesterday morning, hubby took his kids up to the flea market so I had a little downtime to myself. Much needed, let me tell you. I lay out in the sun by the pool for an hour and a half and loved every minute of it. When they got back, we had a bite to eat and then went back poolside for awhile. Stupidly, I decided to go for a swim... I say stupidly because I had my cell phone tucked up in the shoulder strap of my bathing suit and didn't remember that it was there til I had been in the pool for a couple of minutes. I could have kicked myself. *sighs* So last night, I had to go out and buy a new phone. I was very limited in my choices (needed one that was unlocked, that takes a SIM card and that has the single entry feature that I so love) but I found one. I will see if I can get reimbursed for it later when I get back to Canada. I doubt it, but I can always check.

On Friday past, my mom, my two aunts and I went to Ellenton to hit the outlet stores. We got a great deal at Clarke's there; I came out with two pairs of shoes and all in all, I think we purchased 10 pairs! Nothing like shoes to cheer up the ladies! I also managed to pick up a new pair of pants, a sweater, a couple of summer tank tops and a couple of lovely blouses. Some were on sale and what a steal. I couldn't pass them up. Anyway, Ellenton was quite productive.

We took the kids to Busch Gardens already and they had a blast. So did I in fact. My dad joined us there as well and he really loved seeing the kids have fun on the coasters and water rides and stuff. It was great. We're going to Orlando tomorrow for two nights, so we can do Disney's Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios, and we'll be back on Wednesday sometime I expect. I am looking forward to both parks actually; and it'll be my first time at Universal.

I confess, I'm still somewhat stressed though. I am trying to make sure the kids have fun but they're teenagers so it's hard to get them excited about anything. I know Mom and my aunts are a bit stressed having teenagers around and all the noise that they bring as well. They're not used to that much so having four extra people underfoot is tough for them. Though I know Mom wants to spend time with me, so I'm trying to make everyone happy.

Today, we hope to hook up with friends of ours from home and go for a picnic on the beach at Fort DeSoto national park. It's a really beautiful place to go enjoy the beach and the Florida weather. I hope we have a good afternoon for it. I'll update after Disney and the theme parks. Love to you all.

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sariel & shlomit said...

Hey girl!
Lovely to see you there in Florida...and with so much news!! All the best with injections, etc....when you get to PIO, may I suggest ICE, before and after!!

I'm glad hubby gave you some down time...make sure you get more!! And a little 'just adults' time is probably in order, too!!!! Let the teenagers be responsible for their own entertainment and enjoyment...they'll probably appreciate a little 'no adult' downtime themselves.

I'm going to be in Ottawa this week...sorry I'll miss you. I'll let you know next time I'm in town. BTW, I just checked the forecast: super cold and snow flurries...enjoy the heat!!