Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It's been a week that is... well... I don't know really. Odd. Busy. Quiet. Fluctuating between insanity and peace. Let me explain.

I spent the first two or three days after the transfer resting. Sure, there were things to do around the house, and hubby was SO good taking care of most of the necessary chores. But resting all the time? Sheesh. It's for the birds! Please enlighten me: how do you 'bedrest' moms do it? My hat's off to you. By the end of day two, I had an aching back, I was bored to tears with TV, my shoulders hurt like the devil and I was going stir crazy! So yes, for those of you curious, I rested most of the weekend and through Monday.

However, as some of you know, I live in the capital of Canada and right now, it's a little nutso out there. Political ploys from all sides have meant that a new Liberal leader was chosen, the old one having yielded his seat to a newcomer, and Parliament is prorogued until January. Nice... so basically no one does anything. Like that's any different from what would usually happen.

Tuesday arrived and with it, a huge mess of snow. It took me two and a half hours to get to work on Tuesday morning (what is usually a lovely 40 minute drive, tops!). And the snow just kept on coming. By 2:45 our managers told us to leave and go home. It took me a solid two hours to get back home again too. Ugh. Overnight last night, more snow (we had almost 11 inches since yesterday morning) and so I had to battle with it all again this morning.

Mind you, this morning was full of more fun and joy because here in the capital, the public transportation system employees are out on strike. No buses. Now, while I have to drive to work (there is no bus that will take me there in any semblance of a timely fashion), my hubby takes the bus. And he works in the heart of downtown, a stone's throw from the Parliament buildings. So I had to battle traffic this morning to get him downtown to work first, and then find my way out to my office. We left the house at 6:35 and I arrived in my office at 9:15.

I think I'll just take up residence in my car. It'd be easier at this point.

I am also trying to wrap my head around holiday stuff. I haven't sent a card, bought a gift, wrapped a present, put up a decoration (except the outdoor lights last month) or prepared any special holiday treats. I have two weeks to get off my duff and handle some of that! Tonight, if the weather cooperates, we're going to pull the Christmas décor out of storage. Now, that's not just in my basement. Oh no. A few years ago I decided that I had far too much Christmas stuff to keep in the house and I rented a small storage locker for it all. So we keep it there and we go retrieve what we need, when we need it. It's safe, dry, warm and it keeps all that stuff from being underfoot. So we're hoping to get it all tonight, with a little luck.

As for symptoms? What can I tell you. I'm afraid to tell you anything really. But I am not sure there's much to tell anyway. The transfer was last Friday. All day Friday and all day Saturday, it felt like there was something going on, sort of like there was a construction crew in my uterus! I could almost picture the foreman in a hardhat blowing a whistle, ladders and steel beams being lifted into place!

As of Sunday though, nothing. Nada. Zip. I didn't feel a thing. Okay, I did, and still do, feel an ache across my lower back that isn't normal for me at all. But not feeling anything anymore? That got me worried. And so things have been like that for a day or two...

Until today. I'm a little off today. Somewhat dizzy (if that is possible?); my equilibrium seems off. I'm not sure. Queasy isn't quite the right word, just "off." If you know what I mean. It's hard to explain.

I am not going to let that wench, "Hope" too far in though. We all know what happens when she takes hold. I have to follow the old saying, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst." So I take it one day at a time. I'm trying to take my meds properly, stay away from the foods I'm not supposed to have, stay hydrated and all that good stuff. Good thing too, because I discovered a NASTY side-effect of the PIO! Let's just say that all the fibre in the world wasn't gonna help me! Eeesh. No one told me to prepare for THAT!

And the PIO shots are progressing okay. I feel some semblance of control with them as long as I prepare the injection. It makes it a little easier to handle. The one and a half inch needle is NEVER easy to handle though. That stings like a mother! Ouch! The other night we had gushing blood as the needle came out. Not good; we stained the bedsheet and there was blood everywhere. Let's hope that doesn't happen frequently.

So at 5dp3dt, I'm tentative. Somewhat melancholy. And I'm trying my darndest to stay super busy. I am however, absolutely thrilled for Shlomit! I can't go so far as to say we'll be on mat leave together hon, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed; for both of us!

On a personal note... this comes from an e-mail that I received today from my mom. I gave her the link to the blog and told her to "go look at your grandchildren; it may be the only picture you ever get!" Her response:

"It was exciting to see my grandchildren but I will not get too excited yet. I just pray that everything works for you and for us all-remember we have a stake in this too. I will say one thing, I do admire your tenacity; lesser people would have folded long ago. I think it may be a bit of the 'family' stubborness that keeps you going. Whatever it is, go girl. Just make sure you stay healthy for yourself and for everyone around you."

I love my mom. I really hope I can give my entire family some good news sometime soon.


Patti said...

I think you have a great attitude about all of this. The wait is SO hard to deal with but you're managing it well...good for you!

As for dizziness - keep in mind that *can* be a side effect of progesterone. I had it while I was on the capsules. Not trying to rain on your parade or anything - cuz I SO want this to all work out for you.


Still have everything crossed.

Aurelia said...

I can't get over how wild things HAVE been in Ottawa, plus the weather, plus the transit strike.

Has anyone noticed that you guys are trying to run a government? Sheesh

Take care, and don't assume symptoms mean anything.

ms. c said...

Oh! The SNOW. It's crazy outside here too! But beautiful. Let's try to enjoy how pretty it looks for the time being.

That's just a wonderful email from your mom. You are lucky to have her.

Hoping hoping hoping for you...

Anonymous said...

You're doing great, girl. The interminable two week wait....ahghghghghg!!!! Thanks for the shout out. I'm holding out a tonne of hope for you!!!

musicmakermomma said...

You are doing great - the 2ww is awful!!! I am really hoping you have some great news soon, hang in there!

Neeroc said...

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. Hope all is well.