Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This year, I am looking forward to a special Christmas.

No, I didn't splurge and get hubby anything special. No, we didn't even get his kids anything extravagant. They got their gift in the form of the trip to Florida in November so all they get at our house will be stockings. No, we don't even have plans to see immediate family this Christmas. My sister is in WV with her husband his family, my folks are at home in Newfoundland along with my eldest aunt, and the youngest aunt just returned from her honeymoon (she got married last week) on Canada's east coast.

No, this year, it's special because it's going to be Christmas spent with good friends, just spending TIME together.

Today, my best friend and his wife and twin 6-year olds are driving 10 hours to our house from VA to spend the Christmas season in Canada for the first time in their lives. They'll get a white Christmas for them and their children and we'll get a chance to take them sledding and hopefully for a sleigh ride and out to see the Christmas lights on Taffy Lane. That walk on Taffy Lane will be tonight assuming the weather cooperates. I can't wait. For longtime readers, I've blogged about Taffy Lane before and how every resident decorates their home with lights for the season. It's quite spectacular. (See my post from December 10, 2006 to see some photos.) I cannot wait to see the excited eyes of children tomorrow morning when they open gifts and stockings.

And then later tomorrow, we'll pick up my girlfriend K and her daughter for the day as well. This time last year, K had just been diagnosed with cancer and it was touchy there for awhile as we wondered if she would be here to celebrate this Christmas at all. We're lucky she is and it'll be fun to have them at our place to join in the festivities.

But honestly, I already have the best gift I could possibly get, for this year or any year really. This year I finally got lucky. I think I can say (albeit still with an inkling of trepidation!) that I am pregnant. And that is the only gift I've ever really wanted. To be able to say that and to hope that in 2009, we reach the end of the rainbow and collect the pot of gold. There is no gift greater than this and I am truly blessed to have received it this year.

So while I sit tomorrow morning on the couch, wrapped in a blanket cozy and warm, between my husband and my best friend, watching little children open gaily wrapped packages with glee, I will be able to smile and rejoice at how very lucky I am this year.

And to Denis, my darling husband, I am so thrilled that we have gotten this far, together. There have been trials and tests of patience along the way, but we have proved that we can withstand just about anything that is thrown in our path. Love sees us through. Know that I love you dearly and I am so happy to be pregnant with your child. To be able to say that means so much to me and I know from the smile on your face of late, it means just as much to you. I love you sweetheart. Merry Christmas.

Blessings to all of us at this time of year and may 2009 bring us joy, love, laughter, peace and prosperity! Whatever you do and wherever you are this holiday season, may you have a joyous holiday.


*~*Bodhi~*~Englightenment*~* said...

*~*Congratulations*~* and Merry Christmas, I hope you have a peaceful one.

I'm so happy that you finally achieved that much longed for goal of being pregnant, really there couldn't have been a better Christmas present could there?

I'm hoping 09 is finally my year after 9 years of ttc....

Have a wonderful Christmas and revel in the wonder of pregnancy...

Love & Light & Sticky Babydust



Neeroc said...

Merry Christmas Gil

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you my friend.