Thursday, February 19, 2009

NT Scan; Pic now added (13w)

Yesterday, after much ado, I finally got to have the NT scan after which I went for the bloodwork to make up the first part of the IPS testing. (We'd tried to do the scan before if you remember, but Petit was too petit!)

Anyway, yesterday's scan was wonderful although it took quite awhile before Petit would cooperate and give them a good view of the nuchal fold so they could get a good measurement. We tried with external u/s and a full bladder first, and since it's been almost two weeks since I saw Petit at all, I was able to exhale when I noted that the baby was moving all around. Whew. Okay, so the test...

There was no way Petit was going to cooperate at all. So the tech asked that I go empty my bladder halfway, which I did and then hopped back up on the table. A second try and nada. Petit just wasn't cooperating! Stubborn, just like me! Gotta love it.

We got back views, front views, even some twisted views as the baby was turning now and then. So the tech called a colleague who happily helped out by pushing on my belly a few times in rapid succession, and with a quick flip, Petit who had been lying on his/her side, back down, did a complete flip in utero and now Petit's back was up on top of the screen! The white 'string of pearls' on the monitor that are the baby's spine look so flexible in utero, don't they? And it was so incredibly wild to see the somersaults! There were little hands (I could distinguish fingers) going everywhere every time the tech pushed on my tummy! Soooo cool. I was enthralled with it. I'm sure I was just staring at the monitor, watching every movement.

But alas... still no good position for measurement. So I went and emptied my bladder and they did an internal u/s (ah, the good ol' dildo cam! How I've missed you my friend! ... NOT) to see if that worked any better. And voilà! It did indeed!

The NT measures 1.7 mm., which Dr. Google tells me is a very good measurement.
Heart rate: 154 BPM
Crown to rump length: 7.08 cms
Dating: 13wks 2 days (I was 13 wks and 1 day, so right on track)

I got some pics (I'll scan and post them later) and then dressed and made my way to the other end of town, keeping my fingers crossed that my local lab was open. It was and I barely made it before closing time. I needed two sticks to find a vein that would cooperate and boy, it hurt like hell. I will never be able to relax for bloodwork! They got what they needed for the IPS, thyroid, pre-natal testing, etc., and I made my way home, nursing my throbbing arm. Oh well. The things I've had to put up with to get this far are nothing short of mind-boggling to me, but when I see that monitor and I get to see Petit, it makes it all worthwhile!

On another note, it was wonderful to go out with Pam and V last weekend. They happened to be in town to visit family and we hooked up for a late lunch at a local pub. It's always so good to see them; we seemed to pick up right where we left off! There was never a quiet lull in conversation and I am HOPING to be able to go visit them in June sometime. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

I think I've finally settled on the colour and style of furniture for "The Room That Shall Not Be Named." I love the Da Vinci Kalani line (in honey oak, because we don't know if we're going to have a boy or a girl). Now to find a retailer that will either ship to Canada, which would simplify things, or alternatively, a retailer who will ship to near where we are, but just over the border in the States. I know that Babies R Us doesn't carry Da Vinci stuff (maybe they can order it? Dunno.) and doesn't have it either. So I might be scrounging to find out how to get this up here. I'm still pondering that one.

And last week, somewhere around 12 wks 2 days, I started to have some serious troubles doing up my pants at the waist. They fit me fine everywhere else, but the waist is giving me grief. Besides, what I can manage to squeeze into in the morning is certainly super uncomfortable by the afternoon! I had to pop out and invest in a tummy sleeve (similar to the Band but cheaper) so that I can continue to wear my clothing! What a great invention these things are. Honestly. I ought to give hubby one for those Thanksgiving Turkey dinners; that way he wouldn't wear sweatpants to the table to accomodate his expanding tummy with the sumptuous meal! Ha ha ha!

Today is February 19 and it is the day that President Obama comes to our city on his first visit. It's a bit of a slap though, cause unfortunately it looks like there is going to be no opportunity for his adoring public (and I mean that in all sincerity; Canadians are enthralled with the man and you'd think that Britney or Miley or someone was coming to town, with all the excitement in the air) to meet him or see him at all. The road closures are extensive and that starts three HOURS before he even touches down on the tarmac! Airspace is shut down for 45 mins surrounding his arrival and departure times, and the city is crawling with cops, secret service and security personnel. Given where I work, we've had nothing but communiqués on the topic for the last three weeks or so. Such hoopla! I'll be working away in my office, but I know that people have come from all over the country to try to glimpse the new President. I hope they're not disappointed entirely.

Edited to add the pic, as promised:

13 Weeks

13 Weeks


Aurelia said...

DUDE, those are excellent numbers! And I am even more encouraged to hear about all that movement and wriggling and flipping!

That is an excellent sign, very very good. And fingers!!! So cute, and also incidentally, a good sign.

I am so happy for you, this is wonderful, and I hope things continue to work out. So where is that pic?

Vee said...

Glad all is looking good. All the best with the blood results.

Really happy for you Gil xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Gil, we're still checking in from afar and are really delighted for you.
Lots of love and best wishes
Paul, Amanda & Cian (aka the Blue Skys) xxx

Neeroc said...

oh I love the pics! and I'm so happy for you guys.

Little trick (that I still might be using *g*) if you don't have the belly sleeve and you're wearing single button pants you can knot a hair elastic through the button hole and over the button to give you a bit more wiggle room. Tends to work better under sweaters than blouses - less weird lumpiness. But cheap *g*