Thursday, April 09, 2009

20 Week Scan

In about one hour I leave for the doc's for the 20 week morphology/anatomy scan. Yes, I know much of that was done a few weeks ago with the amnio, but hey, any opportunity to see Petit is good by me at this point! I'll take it.

After the ultrasound, I have an OB appointment as well and I have a few questions and issues that I want to bring up with them. I want to discuss alternatives to the OGTT crap test that I'm supposed to do in a few weeks. I want to indicate that I was less than impressed with the way I was told that my IPS came back "Positive for Down Syndrome." I want to let them know it's time for me to start meeting the other eight doctors at the practice, cause I ain't gonna let just anyone deliver Petit! Whoever is on shift when Petit is set to be delivered better take the time to shake my hand and stop for a few minutes to say hello first! And yet again, I'm going to insist that they take my blood pressure twice; once at the beginning of the appointment and once at the end. At the moment, I guarantee my blood pressure will be high. Depending on what they say during this appointment, it may go higher or lower!! We'll see.

I had a lovely vacation back home in Newfoundland for a week. It was perfect. Okay, perfect except for the weather; we had the traditional rain, drizzle and fog for much of the week. But whaddya expect in April folks?! Anyway, I got to see family and friends. We had a chance to talk about what my family would like to do in August when Petit is due and when they would like to come to Ontario to see the new addition. We had family all around the table for dinner most evenings. My aunt hemmed a pair of my new maternity pants and offered to make new curtains for Petit's room. And I asked her to make me a moby wrap to; that's a piece of cake for her though.

One piece of difficult news while I was home; my uncle has been diagnosed with kidney cancer and at the moment, surgery is scheduled for May. We can only hope that everything goes well. It bowled us all over I think; it was totally unexpected and was diagnosed after he saw the doctor the other day because of a prolonged bad back. An MRI found the tumor and the outlook is very good. So we keep our fingers crossed in the hopes that this turns out for the best possible result.

Yes, I know I've yet to show you pics of the lovely items from the shower my mom held for me last weekend. I promise I'll do that later. You'll all get a grand kick out of the cake! I promise! Kudos to my sis for having thought of what to write on it!

And I'm happy for Max and Vee! Vee is my due date buddy and they just found out that Doudou is a boy! I'm sure they're thrilled! Congrats to them both on such wonderful news.


Vee said...

Thank you Gil :)

Glad you had a nice time away with family.
Good Luck with your scan today! It is exciting seeing Petit again, I hope we get to see too :)

Aurelia said...

Hey, I hope that you update soon! We're all in suspense.

As for the rest, I explained why the IPS came back that way hon. There are other risks that the amnio didn't eliminate---so I hope that you get the most advanced IGTT and every other test from this point forward.

Good luck and hey if there is a pic, let us see?