Friday, May 22, 2009

A Dilemma

As I mentioned a few posts back, tomorrow is the Ottawa Fertility Centre's BABY STEPS walk for infertility awareness. I would love to attend!

I called the general inquiry number and spoke to Dr. Vause about the walk. She indicated that the walk itself is about 3.5 km long (less than 1 hour at a regular pace). They'll start at the Fertility Centre, go south on Prince of Wales to Hog's Back, east on Hog's Back to Riverside, north on Riverside to Heron, and west on Heron back over to Prince of Wales and the Fertility Centre. A lovely little jaunt on a sunny day! I'm looking forward to it.

However, there's a small fly in the ointment. While my doctor hasn't told me to restrict activities, there are two minor issues that may hold me back:

1. I'm VISIBLY pregnant. How will those infertiles who are attending view me? Will I only serve to remind them of their own heartache right now? Could I possibly make a poster or something to pin on my belly that says "PG thru IVF"? Or maybe "6 years TTC, 27 IUIs, 12 weeks of PIO, 1 vasectomy reversal, 1 IVF = Baby on Board... Priceless"? What do you think?

2. For the past month or so, when I stand or walk for any length of time, I have tingling and then severe numbness in my outer thighs. It's weird to be walking around and suddenly not feel my own hand touching my thigh! It's likely due to increased pressure and fluids which is quite normal during pregnancy and expected to go away after Petit arrives. But do I want to risk it happening tomorrow during the walk? And then again... if I can shop for the baby for an hour, what's to stop me from participating in the walk for an hour?! Nothing really. So I should probably go and deal with the numbness afterwards.

What do you all think? Would you go? And why or why not? Looking for your advice and thoughts!


Carrie said...

Hmm, that is a dilemma. I'm overly self-aware of how pregnant I am whenever I go out in public and always fear that I'm causing someone else pain with my belly. I too wish I had a t-shirt that explained everything. Even if it just said "IVF miracle" with an arrow pointing to my tummy. (Maybe you could make one just for the walk... just get a plain white t-shirt and a magic marker.)

Anyway, if they are infertile they are sure to realize that there will be pregnant people there who are also infertile but have had success and that you are by no means there to flaunt your baby belly. I wouldn't be surprised if people are there pushing their ART babies/children in strollers. I say go and be supportive. Besides, a pregnant belly of someone who did ART - although still painful - doesn't hurt as much as a pregnant belly of someone who didn't have to do any treatments. I'm sure they'll realize that you are a fellow IFer.

The Unproductive One said...
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The Unproductive One said...

Stupid comment!

Lets try again!

Ohhhhh I LOVE the idea of the t'shirt, that would be GREAT!

If you feel up to it I would attend. If anyone gives you THOSE looks, I'd make a point of striking up a conversation and let people know EXACTLY what you've been through to get to where you are now.

You never know, by telling your story you could leave them with hope that they too could end up knocked up with sprog!!


Heather said...

I do like the shirt idea...even though if someone is in "that" place it still won't help. I think for most you will be a sign of hope, a good thing.

Marc said...

If you do go to the walk make sure to bring Denis with you. Then at the first sign of numbness you can find someplace to sit while he goes and gets the car.

lisa said...

I think you should make the shirt and go!

ultimatejourney said...

I think your story is inspirational -- I agree with the others that you should make a T-shirt and do the walk. But if you're getting uncomfortable, give yourself permission to stop.

Patti said...

The t-shirt is the perfect idea. Especially with all you've gone through - my goodness, you'd be such an inspiration to people!!!

I used to get the numbness in just my right thigh. Drove me crazy but has pretty much gone since Jack's arrival.

Mick said...

The poster idea pinned to your belly is a fantastic idea. I would love to see that.

And I think it would make a lot more people more optimistic!


loribeth said...

A T-shirt or a sign would be a good idea. I'm willing to bet you won't be the only pg woman there.

If you feel like the entire walk would be too much for you, maybe you can join them somewhere along the route, closer to the end?