Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photos of Recent Events

Some recent photos to keep you updated...

First up, the Baby Steps Walk from yesterday. This is Kerry, one of the u/s techs who I caught up with yesterday for the first time in more than two years. She changed clinics to work at the Ottawa Fertility Centre and she was so genuinely happy to see me and hubby and learn of our good news. Oh yeah, I did make the signs for my shirt. See below.

Another blogging friend of mine, neeroc. She now has a beautiful little girl courtesy of ART and is contemplating adding to their family. She told me her husband was always sceptical about us bloggers and whether we exist in real life. Yesterday, he found out that I -do- exist! And as I told him, I can vouch for a few more of us as well!

And Dr. Leader, a leading RE in Ottawa and member of the Ontario Expert Panel on Infertility. He told us yesterday that the expert panel will be making its recommendations to the Ontario government early next month and it will be recommending that financial assistance and medical insurance be available for those who must pursue ART in order to build families.

Next up, my family. Excuse the blurriness, but this is my mom, me, my sister and my dad in West Virginia, celebrating my BIL's graduation from Nursing School. I thought it was a half decent picture, despite the fuzzy view.

And my BIL and sister, celebrating!

And a pic of me and MH, one of our friends from VA. MH promised he would 'rub my belly' when he got the chance. He surprised me by doing just that one evening when hubby and I treated their kids to Chuck E. Cheese. (Hey, we had to see what all the hullaballoo was about; we're Canadian and we don't have Chuck E. Cheese north of the 49th parallel!)

Next up, a pic of one of my cats, Shadow. I've mentioned that my two kitties have been rather, oh, shall we say CLOSE to me since I've gotten pregnant? Yeah, well, here's an example. Shadow is so close in this picture, that every time I breathed, his fur went up my nose! I was just too tired to care or move him at that point. So hubby took the pic.

And a photo of hubby and me together. Just cause I thought it was a good one. This was taken in WV at my BIL's party.

To all my American friends:

Have a wonderful long Memorial Day weekend. And in particular, I'm sending good vibes and sticky dust to Mo and Will as they hope Mo's beta rises!


Patti said...

Great pictures and I LOVE the sign on your shirt. How inspiring for others suffering through infertility!!!

By the way, there's a Chuck E. Cheese about 10 minutes away from where I live. ;)

loribeth said...

I was just going to say, there are a few Chuck E. Cheeses in the GTA. Not that I have been in one. (One of the perqs of childless living, lol.) Great photos!! Thanks for sharing.

The Unproductive One said...

I too also love the sign you made up! I'm so glad you went, even if you didn't realise it, you would have given at one person their so much hope that their dream can too come true!

You're look fab by the way, this pregnancy looks like it's totally agreeing with you!


Vee said...

Great pics Gil, thanks for sharing. You look absolutely gorgeous!

Aurelia said...

I love the sign, it's perfect. And I'm very glad you went!

Funny thing about the expert panel that is worrying me. The prevailing view at upper levels still seems to be that IVF costs money, and I thin it's because no one talks about the high rate of problems with multiples and the long term special ed costs of these kids, not to mention the costs of miscarriages, etc.

Anyway, I'm working my end, thank you for showing up and working your end!

Angie said...

I love the sign! Great pics, thanks for sharing!