Friday, July 03, 2009

Blatherings from this week

I've been a bad blogger; it's been a bit of a busy week so I've not had much time to handle stuff. I've been reading your blogs, but I've been slacking in updating my own! My profound apologies!!

Last weekend, hubby and I did a bit of shopping and we picked up some more cloth diapers and covers for Petit. I spent quite a bit of time preparing them... or trying to. I have a petulant washer and every once in awhile, it decides it isn't going to spin the load to remove excess water. Thus, we ended up wringing out most of the diapers by hand in order to hang them to dry. A call was put in to have it fixed (or at least looked at) and next Wednesday, we'll hopefully get it serviced. That ain't cool by me; I don't want an unreliable washer in the house with a newborn! Can you just imagine how things will pile up if we don't have a washing machine?! Yikes.

We took the kids last week to see The Musical Ride. It was a blast! There was even an American team of skydivers and parachutists; the Golden Knights. All in all, Saturday evening was fun! For those who don't know... yes, the officers who ride the horses in the Ride are indeed officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They must do normal law enforcement stints all across the country and if they desire, they can ask to be posted to the Ride. There is an application process, and if they are chosen for the Ride, they are posted to the tour for three years. They work with one horse almost exclusively to build trust and know the horse extremely well so that they can execute the precision moves on the ground. It's quite incredible to see. If perchance you have an opportunity this year (they're in British Columbia for most of the summer I believe), take it in. It's breathtaking.

This week, on Wednesday, we had a lovely holiday because of Canada Day. I had the opportunity to really sleep in (somehow I doubt I'll get those days much more will I?!) and when I got up, I set to work making dessert for an evening out at the home of two of our good friends. We had a splendid dinner there and a lovely chat. It's always fun to get out of the house and enjoy some good company! Although we live in the capital, we opted out of the celebrations downtown this year. Usually the crush of people is enough to make you go stir crazy and with me being 32 weeks pregnant, we thought it wouldn't be wise. So instead, we watched the fireworks on TV this year. Good enough; besides, it was threatening rain all darn day long!

Tomorrow's Saturday and I have to take the cats to the vet for their annual checkup. My babies are due for their shots and I want to pick the vets' brain on how best to help transition the cats when we bring Petit home. I mean, think about it: these cats are almost 14 years old. In fact, Petit is due on their 14th birthday in August! They are adorable and loving, close and cuddly, friendly and inquisitive, not only with each other (they frequently sleep curled up together) but also with us and others who come into the house. So I suspect things could get interesting when we bring a baby home! These are the animals I got in Japan, and brought back to Canada with me in 1996. They've been doted on and loved for that entire time and this is going to mark quite a shift in the house for them. I hope they can handle it... If you have animals, particularly older ones, how did they manage the change and what did you do (if anything) to facilitate the transition?

Tomorrow night, hubby and I are going to other friends' for an evening. We've known them for a few years but we haven't seen them for awhile. And I recently learned from them that they're looking into ART to build their own family so I know they have questions. I hope I can help; I will certainly try. Regardless, I can't wait to see their new home and catch up with them again! I'm looking forward to that very much.

Oh yes... and I've decided I want to repaint the walls in Petit's room. Pics to come. Promise!

A few other things of note:

To Vee and Max at The Sweet Life: Bless you both for your thoughtfulness. Earlier this week I received a parcel in the mail from them. They'd sent along a gorgeous, soft green froggie blanket for Petit, complete with googly eyes and everything! Vee told me that they have one exactly like it for Doudou! I'll make sure Petit knows about the wonderful people out there who are so thoughtful and caring; maybe, with luck, Petit and Doudou will get to meet each other one of these days! I'm hoping.

At the same time, I'm aching for Max right now. Vee told us that Max wasn't accepted for the clinical trial and so they're hoping that a Plan B appears. I'm going to believe that the reason Max wasn't accepted is because someone, somewhere DOES have a Plan B for them. They need that right now and I'm keeping fingers crossed that it crops up. And FAST. Stop by to leave your words of encouragement. And lots, and lots of huge hugs.

I'm thrilled beyond belief for Mo and Will over at Life and Love in the Petri Dish! Mo got a BFP this week after a few previous BFPs and ultimate miscarriages. This time, her beta is rising nicely and I really think this is their time! Go give them some joy!

And Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers! I hope your Independence Day is full of fun!


Mick said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Soon we're both going to be parents so we have to make the most of this 'easy life' as possible!

I'm also thinking about introducing my dog to the new baby. Somebody told me that I have to have the baby in the house first, and then bring the dog in and introduce them to each other. I think this is to show that the baby belongs there. I think maybe it's similar with cats.

Continued good luck from an Irish guy in Poland :-)

OHN said...

The easiest way is to have hubby bring home a cloth (while you are still at the hospital) that has the baby's scent. Have him hold it and hold the cats, or put it where they sleep. They will become accustomed to the scent and the baby will be no big deal to them.

I cannot believe how close you are!

Mo and Will said...

Oh! Thanks for the well wishes!!! You are getting SO far along! VERY soon, Petit will be her! So exciting!


Vee said...

Thanks so much Gil your support is always appreciated...
and you are very welcome.

I have no pointers with cats but good luck with it.