Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Sick While P/G Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be (31w 3 d)

I was right... that cold manifested itself in spades, lemme tell ya! It started off as just a cold, then moved to my sinuses where it embedded itself nicely, and then proceeded to wreak havoc on my eyes as pinkeye. Nice huh? Usually for a sinus infection I'd grab the Nasonex. But as I'm expecting, no can do. Similarly for the pinkeye. I had to resort to saline rinses for my sinuses, over-the-counter polysporin antibiotic drops for the pinkeye and zinc/echinacea and the occasional Halls for the cold. All washed down with oodles and oodles of orange juice. Oh it's been a fun week in our house! I left work last Wednesday afternoon and I never went out of the house til I got in the car on Tuesday this week to go back to work. Thrilling indeed.

On Wednesday, I had a bit of a scare. On my way to work, I'm driving along in rush hour traffic on a four-lane major road when I see the car in front of me swerve to go around this rather large grey lump in the middle of the road. I swerve too, slowing down to see what it is. Imagine my shock and dismay to see a turtle (tortoise? I don't purport to know the difference) upside down, flailing legs trying to turn over! I couldn't believe it. Mind you, there is a major river just a little bit away from that road, so frequently you get ducks, or other animal life crossing the road to get to the river. I had just been thinking that I hadn't seen any ducks this year when this turtle is virtually right in front of me!

Keeping an eye on the cars behind me, I slowed down, pulled to the side a few hundred feet down the road, and carefully got out of my car to go back to save this poor thing. By the time I got there, the turtle was right side up and none too happy. I'd venture to say it was a good foot or foot and a half across, and it was clearly in pain. Legs, tail and head seemed fine, but the top of the shell was badly, badly broken. There was mucus and blood in the open wound and I almost cried, seeing this poor animal in such distress. I think it might have been a snapping turtle (lots of those around here and plenty in the river of that size) but I did manage to position myself behind it, gently lifted it a foot or two up in the air and carried it to the grass on the side of the road. There was a driver who kindly stopped to let me do this, and he held up traffic behind him so I could get this poor animal to safety. Then I hopped over the barrier and picked up the turtle again, and put it in the shade of the overpass above the road as the day promised to be hellishly hot.

I went back to my car, wiped the blood from my hands with a tissue and carried on to work. Upon arrival at the office, I searched the Net looking for a number for injured wildlife rescue in my city and I called to report it. They hoped to go find the turtle and take it to a sanctuary where it could possibly be rehabilitated. All day on Wednesday, I worried and wondered about that animal, but you know, I couldn't call them back to find out if they'd located it. If they did, superb. If they didn't... I can't change that outcome. I did the absolute best I could. If I hadn't stopped, that animal would have died within 5 or 10 minutes of my passing by. I truly believe that. Hopefully it has a chance. But my heart can't bear to know for certain if it doesn't.

Anyway, that start to the day on Wednesday left me stressing a bit and Petit wouldn't cooperate at al. I barely felt the baby all day so Wednesday evening, I insisted that we find the doppler and listen for awhile. All was good and I knew I could relax. Whew.

Today, I had an OB appointment. At 31 weeks 3 days, here's the latest:
  • Petit is growing like a weed. I'm measuring 36 weeks but that's normal for me; I'm usually 5-7 weeks ahead in measurement, given that I carry extra pounds.
  • Petit's heartbeat is in the 140s and going strong.
  • I have a little protein in my urine, and they attributed that to the infections I'm semi-still battling this week.
  • My blood pressure is 138/78; perfectly normal for me.
  • I picked up the OB admission papers for the hospital; I need to drop them off sometime in the next week or two.
  • I was urged to get my butt to L&D next time I'm concerned at all about Petit's movements. The nurse told me that is the third most frequent reason for patients to show up at L&D... number 1 being active labour, number 2 being water breaking. But they know how much hearing Petit on the monitor would reassure so I was encouraged to go ahead next time there's any doubt in my mind. I'm glad she reassured me that way.

My next appointment is in two weeks when we get a measurement ultrasound and another appointment with my regular OB.

Dawn... and to all of the rest of you who've already travelled this path:
I'm getting things together to pack a bag or two for the hospital. What did you pack that you didn't need? And what did you wish you had with you but didn't pack? Fill me in. Help me out folks. I'm a total newb at this and I'm still in total disbelief that we've made it this far.


Mick said...

Great results!

Well done you for helping the tortoise. I hope they found it and it's well on its way to health.
Any way you can find out? (Bit of an animal freak here and I won't be able to sleep without knowing!!)

Carrie said...

Bring snacks! (For you and your hubby.) I don't know if it was just from the blood loss I experienced, but I was starving almost the entire time I was in the hospital... especially in the middle of the night while pumping. I could not get enough food/drinks.

I didn't wear my own nightgown/robe until the last day we were there due to being afraid I'd get blood all over it.

I brought about five outfits for Kasen so he didn't have to always be in the hospital's too-big onesies. I was also happy that I'd packed some wipes for him because our hospital didn't USE wipes... they used gauze pads that they wet down with water. :/

I can't think of anything else right off... I'll let you know if anything springs to mind!

Vee said...

You certainly gave that turtle a chance, I hope it won its battle.

Cold suck when pregnant I have had 3 already, they are just hard to shake. Just when you think you are over it, its back !

Excellent news that you and Petit are doing so well. No suggestions for packing, I am in the same boat.

Nearlydawn said...

I just so happen to have posted a list of what I was taking with me, it is here:

I have a post all ready to go for tomorrow with all the things I/we actually used.

Bug me if I forget to post it...

Nearlydawn said...

Done!! Enjoy!

decemberbaby said...

I found that the hospital was insanely warm... and it being December, I had only brought fuzzy and cozy clothes. Moral of the story: take some tank tops that you can wear.

Snacks are good.

I was very glad to have my computer with me - we used it to play music almost all the time, and we watched episodes of The Simpsons on DVD while I was nursing at midnight.