Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Times Indeed!

First up, thank you for the suggestions about the snoogle and the wedge pillow. FYI, I have two different snoogles and a wedge pillow and it still doesn't do the trick! Some days, one of the snoogles helps with afternoon naps or something, other days, nothing helps at all. And I find that having the snoogle up around my neck and face makes me far too hot to sleep with them these days. But I appreciate the thoughts. *stifles a tired yawn*

My sister was here last Wednesday on a day-long stopover on her flight from West Virginia back home to Newfoundland. It was SO lovely to see her! We spent the day doing absolutely nothing; all she wanted to do was lie around in our backyard by the pool and soak up some sun. So we did. We picked up a lovely meal from Cuisine and Passion and just chatted the day away. Hubby took a great pic of me floating (belly-up!) in the pool; I must post it when I get a minute. It made me laugh. Petit was uncooperative though. I'd get one kick or thump here and there, but nothing repeated so that she could feel it! I really hoped that she would. Funnily enough, that night, Petit kept me awake around 12 a.m.; there was a dance contest going on in my belly! I'm positive of that!

Speaking of laughing, hubby told me the other day that when I laugh, my bellybutton pops out a litte! I'm aghast!!! I was SO hoping to avoid that particular phenomenon of pregnancy! Eeek!

This past weekend, I had a gaming friend from the east coast come to visit. I'd never met him before but we'd corresponded on occasion and he needed a little R&R from his military training so I invited him to come crash at our place for the weekend. It was fantastic to meet him and even more fun to get in game with him on Saturday evening! The two of us duoed a zone that is meant to be one-grouped and we had a blast. I haven't had that much fun in game in MONTHS! WOOT!

Today I'm at 35 weeks. Only 35 days left to go and three and a half weeks of work left; I finish up at the office on August 14. My mom and my aunt managed to book their tickets too. They'll be arriving on August 22. If they're a little late for Petit's arrival, no big deal. If they're a little early, that's fine too. No worries here. One day at a time.

My next task is to tape off Petit's bedroom and get the paint colour that I want to put in there. And I have to pick up a baby book somewhere, so I can capture the precious moments that occur while I'm at the hospital... right down to the baby footprints.

This week, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon (the 22nd) and I'm indulging with a haircut tomorrow evening and a massage on Saturday morning. Oh yes... and hubby and his brother will be dismantling our old deck as of Wednesday and Thursday because we have a contractor arriving next Monday to start construction on the new cedar deck on the back of the house. Wish us luck! I would LOVE to get out there with a sledgehammer myself and help turn that deck into dust, but hubby won't hear of it. So I guess I'll sit in the rocking chair and watch them. Ho hum.

And lastly, give me your input; I've added a poll near the top of the blog as to whether you believe Petit will be wearing blue pants or pink dresses. Let us know what your instincts are!


Mick said...

Busy times indeed!

I voted for the pink dresses. It's just a feeling :-)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I went with pink :-)

OHN said...

Maybe its because my feet aren't swollen and I don't have a human doing somersaults in me, but this pregnancy has gone fast!

Pam said...

I went with blue, just to be different. :)

We're apparently going to be out your way a couple of times in August....maybe we'll be able to drop in for a quick visit if Petit has arrived. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy has gone!

Vee said...

I voted Blue ;)

Oh What I would do to float in a pool right now.

donella said...

I think it be pink...