Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleep, and Lack Thereof

For the last week or two, sleep has been a notion that I'm not familiar with. At least, not intimately.

I feel tired most of the time, I'll be honest, but actually sleeping -- and getting good sleep -- seems to be a fantasy. I've taken to waking up somewhere between 2 and 3 a.m. and not getting back to sleep or even being tired enough to want to sleep until 5 a.m., which is, unfortunately, the very hour that my alarm goes off so I can get to work on time. Yeah, um, that's not happening much either. My hours seem to have shifted a bit at the office because otherwise, I'm a drooling zombie.

Now, I understand the mechanics of it all; my body is preparing to deal with nighttime feedings, diaper changes, walking, rocking and soothing a newborn and all that. But right now, I'm still working dammit! I gotta be lucid and functional at the office! So this crap about missing a few hours every night is NOT COOL BY ME!

What do I do? What CAN I do? At this point, I'm thinking it's a lost cause. At the moment, I'm envious of those who opt to take their maternity leave early so they can stock up on sleep and prepare for the changes that are to come. I've got another few weeks to go folks. So any tips or tricks you have will be most welcome. (And I know hubby will thank you too!)


decemberbaby said...

Do you have a Snoogle? That thing saved my sleep. If not, get a bunch of pillows and prop up everything... belly, boobs, legs... that way your body can really relax and you'll sleep better.

Sweet dreams!

Carrie said...

I loved my Snoogle as well... it was a lifesaver. However, eventually, though I still needed it, it didn't quite do the job.

That's where the Tylenol PM came in. It's just Tylenol and a low-dose antihistimine, both safe during pregnancy. Tylenol can help with any aches and pains - and we know you're having some - and the antihistimine helps you sleep. Do it.

:) Carrie

Vee said...

I wish I could help, I don't have any answers. I have been that way the entire pregnancy with my constant toilet trips of a night.
Now bubs is constantly moving and keeping me awake.
I have a Snoogle and it hasn't helped but others have found it helpful so maybe it's worth a go. Good Luck and I hope those last few weeks of work fly bye for you.

Mick said...

We're in the same situation over here. My wife wakes up at four am and that's it :-(

so sleepy...

Nearlydawn said...

I didn't have a "snoogle" but I did have a wedge-shapped pillow that kept me comfier. Mostly though, I simply got up at night, went potty with the lights off (to stay sleepy) then I went back to bed. It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great either.

Neeroc said...

What time are you hitting the hay at? Can you go to bed any earlier? It might either give you enough sleep by 2 that you're okay, or shift everything so that you manage to catch a bit of a snooze before the alarm goes off.