Thursday, November 26, 2009

Travel Plans Modified

I don't know how many of my readers may have seen this story, but the other day, this gave me goosebumps...

Toddler falls from mother's arms to death at Toronto airport

A 15-month old was in his mother's arms on the Departures level and when the mother turned her attention to the 4-year old sibling, the baby wriggled out of his mother's arms, over the side of the balcony and fell to the Arrivals level below. The baby was taken to hospital but died.

Knowing that I'm travelling with Petite next week, and I had planned NOT to bring a stroller or car seat, this shook me. I had tears in my eyes at the thought of that poor family and the grief and probably guilt that the mother must feel.

So yesterday, hubby and I went out looking for a lightweight stroller that reclined (for a young infant) that could fold easily for travel. The stroller we have has a large footprint and is quite heavy; it would count as a piece of luggage if I were to take it home on the plane next week. And I'd risk getting it beaten up in the process. Anyway, we found a couple of strollers that fit the bill. The one I liked best was the Graco Ipo (we found it in Navarro). But here's the kicker; here in Canada, it was $149.99. Across the border... $89.99. Guess where we bought it?! Now I have a lightweight, reclining, 5-point harness, umbrella style stroller that is suitable for a young infant. And I'll be taking Petite home in it (as well as the Moby wrap) when I go home next week. I can't fathom an accident happening and losing my baby girl for want of a stroller. It just ain't worth it.


Pam said...

Besides the story that propelled you to get it, I think you'll be glad you have the stroller. As for the mother at the airport, the sad thing was it could all have been prevented had the aiport designers made the railing much higher. Who needs to be able to look over the railing down to the floor below? She was standing next to it when the child wriggled free. Hopefully the authorities will take a look at this sad situation and make a change.

Patti said...

You will be glad you had the stroller. It gives you a free set of hands when you need it most. We did the exact same thing before we went to Florida and picked up a cheap(er) stroller that folded so we could push it right up to the airplane and it would be there when we got off.

Not to mention that if you had to stop someplace else because of bad weather (going into St. John's? Never happens! LOL), you have a stroller to get around an airport with.

Very sad story by the way. Unbelievable.

Aurelia said...

Terrible story, I was incoherent after reading it....I am glad you got a stroller, heck, you will need a different one at some point for popping in and out of cars, may as well buy it now.

And it is nice to know that you have a safe place to put her if you need a free set of hands for some reason.

Miss K said...

That is so horrible. I'm glad you got a stroller. It really does help in the airport.

Anonymous said...
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