Friday, December 11, 2009

So Much for the Stroller...

The first time I use it is also the last time I use it.

The airline 'handlers' sheared off one of the front wheels on the flight home. Good grief. To give them credit, they offered to compensate me for a replacement, and I'll take them up on that. I have the paperwork to submit for a claim when I'm able to purchase a replacement for us. However, the trick is actually FINDING one that meets my needs here in my hometown. In the meantime, the airline offered me the use of a regular umbrella stroller (it's all they had to offer me). I declined, as that style doesn't meet our needs.

So I'm shopping here at home for something suitable. Nothing yet, but Toys R Us hopes to have some arrive in a shipment in the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed, cause being sans stroller sucks.

Mind you, we've had over 40 cms of snow since we arrived here. So I doubt I'll be doing much walking outdoors with it anyway! Can you say "housebound" boys and girls? I knew you could!

Love to you all in blogland. More later!


Vee said...

Gosh I couldn't imagine not having a stroller that would surely suck! I hope you find one that is suitable. Snow? Housebound? I can't imagine that either. Good Luck x

Aurelia said...

Holy shit...that's amazing it could break so easily. (Or else they screwed up a lot in the airline. Wow)

Saje said...

Hey Gil, yup, I'm still lurking around. Can you please check your car seat for this recall: