Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the Fathers and Dads (yes, each of those is different) out there today.

Much like Mother's Day is hard for us women who are TTC, so too is Father's Day for those who are praying, hoping and wishing for a child to call them "Daddy." Some of them don't talk about it and just brush it under the mat, trying to deny or hide their feelings. Some are open about it and are vocally expressing thoughts, ideas and talking about legislation in the TTC community. Some of them have blogs, some used to have blogs, and some loathe the idea of blogging. Some of them will spend the day feeling like something is missing from their lives. Some will carry on as if today is just another day and it's no big deal.

But each of them holds a little hope that one day, one day, just maaaaayyyyybeee... there'll be a little boy or girl in their arms giving them a plaster of Paris mold of a handprint and planting sloppy kisses on their whiskered cheeks.

And for each of those men, I hope that you and your partner find your way through these twisted roads in the "Land of IF." May your hopes and dreams come true, sooner rather than later. Please know that we women understand that you too are dealing with your own grief when it comes to infertility, even if you don't express it in the same way we do. Sometimes we don't know how to help you through it, but talking about it with us is probably a very good first step.

And keep hoping. Never give up. There IS a way. There is ALWAYS a way.

So to all the Fathers and Dads out there -- biological, step, adoptive, foster, in-law, 'like a Father', dads-in-waiting, dads-to-be, dads who have passed on (be it when their child is old or young), and all the Moms who are both Mom and Dad -- I want to wish you a very happy day. Thank you for taking the time to shape a child's life and loving them unconditionally. To my own father, Happy Father's Day, Dad! This is his first year as a Grandpa on Father's Day and I made sure Petite sent a card to her Poppy. To Hubby, Petite is lucky to have you for a Da-Da! Happy first Father's Day... again!

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