Monday, November 08, 2010

News in the ALI Blogging World + RL Craziness

To say there's a LOT going on in the ALI blogging world would be making light of it, I think. Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Keiko (Hannah Wept and Sarah Laughed) and Melissa (Stirrup Queens) attended the RESOLVE of New England Annual Conference a few days ago. Mel was a keynote speaker and Keiko did a lot of volunteering and blogging on the fly. Kudos to them both for their continued involvement and bringing us the updates! Well done ladies! *cheers*

I'm keeping a very close eye on Kate (I Can't Whistle) who, at this moment, is hopefully in L&D and about to bring her little miracle into her world. It's so exciting to read a blogger's thoughts and hopes during her pregnancy and to wait and pray while eagerly expecting wonderful news announced on her blog. I remember my own moments of blogging while at the hospital delivering Petite and I must say, it's an experience that deeply touched me. Join me as we wait with Kate for her good news.

Halloween Babies!! YAY! In recent days, we've seen the birth of Tiger to Grizzly Eggs on October 31. Baby Interrupted finally had a baby interrupt! She welcomed her daughter on Saturday, October 30. Dawn (A New Dawn) has welcomed the early arrival of Ms. M; I'm so very happy for her as she brings home her second child!

I've learned of two bloggers that are thrilled to be p/g with number two. Ms. C (It Could Take 3 Months) and Serenity (Serenity Now) are cautious as they are in the early days, but so far, all seems to be going so well for them both! I'm thrilled for them! It would be great to be able to see Ms. C while we're in Montreal for our own consult in December. I'm sure she's got a lot going on though!

I'm holding out a lot of hope for Mo and Will (Life and Love in the Petri Dish). They've seen enough heartache to last them forever and right now, they're cautious and tentative as betas are rising and things look good. Mo's had some spotting, so of course that brings worries and fears; she's worrying about a possible subchorionic hemorrage right now. And she really could do without that to worry about! Many prayers and much love are coming her way.

And the bittersweet story of Beauty for Ashes as she is pregnant with her husband's child... after his death. I pray that things go smoothly for her.

Here at home, I got word from a friend who's been TTC for some time now. Earlier this year, I had a vivid dream that she would get lucky and I pictured visiting her in her home, in the spring, and she was visibly pregnant. As luck would have it, she did get pregnant this past spring; she's due in January. She's only now comfortable revealing that information. But I am so happy for her.

I also found out from a friend in Toronto that she is p/g with number 2, expected in the spring of 2011. I'm really pleased for her and her family.

I'm over the moon as well, because my sister is just about to enter week 13 of her own pregnancy. I get to be an Aunt! It was an IUI that did it for her and her husband. Although she is far from me, I try to chat with her every week to see how she's doing. So far, so good. She's always had trouble with low blood sugars so I'm hoping that all continues on the right path for her. No morning sickness to speak of either. And she's just trucking along with her work and her online courses (she's doing a Master's degree via correspondance). She's due next year in May, shortly before my birthday. I am really looking forward to seeing her on December 30. She'll be about 20 or 21 weeks along when I see her for the cruise we're all taking.

Ah yes, we'll be cruising with a 16-month old. This has been in the works for quite awhile. Since last year in fact. It's a gift graciously given by my parents to all of us. We're doing a one-week Western Carribean cruise early in January. There are logistical things to consider (Petite's sleeping arrangements, car seat storage, bringing all those diapers on board!) and there are other considerations, such as the fact that there's no in-cabin babysitting on the ship with this cruise line so hubby and/or I will be confined to the room after she crashes for the night. Also, there's no daytime activities for Petite given her age. She's too young to participate in the ship's daily stuff for children. However, she is welcome to partake in the activities as long as a parent joins with her. Things like that. We'll manage, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to it; I hope it is a lovely, relaxing holiday for all of us. I'm sure we need it!

I got an e-mail from a gentleman by the name of Kevin Martin who directed me to They just published an article entitled "10 Biggest Pregnancy Myths Debunked" and after reading it, I find it contains a great deal of useful advice... not the assvice that we frequently get as p/g women. Namely, YES, you CAN eat fish while pregnant! Seriously people... did you ever stop to consider what cultures like the Japanese do when they're pregnant?! They certainly don't stop eating a food that is a staple in their diet, that's for darn sure! A little common sense folks. That's all it takes. And yes, while pregnant with Petite, I ate one can of tuna (packed in water) per week. It didn't hurt me, and it won't hurt you either. I'll be linking the article from my sidebar as well. It's something that all of us can learn from.

Things just finished and things upcoming include:

  • stepdaughter's Sweet 16 party was last weekend (Red Carpet theme; it was a hit!)
  • extra choir rehearsals for upcoming Choirfest (300 member chorale event for Christmas)
  • my friend, K and her daughter K, heading west to the TaeKwon-Do National Championships
  • the annual Christmas parade
  • decorating for the holidays (weekend of November 27-28)
  • papers and bloodwork to be done for our December 14 appointment in Montreal
  • dealing with the pain of an ovarian cyst that will. not. give. up. Ugh.
  • trying to resolve the financial f*ck-ups that Hubby's file has been subjected to: in total, he's only received $1300 since early August and trust me, that ain't enough to live on
  • shopping for Christmas and doing stockings for my folks, Hubby's kids, Hubby and Petite
  • packing and flying out for the New Year and the cruise
  • trying to save enough to attend my cousin's wedding out west in June of next year; wish me luck!
  • somewhere in there... hopefully fitting in a cycle! Whew!
And honestly, that's enough on my plate at the moment. Never mind the "what if" the next IVF works and then we need to buy a new house?! One thing at a time, right? Right?

A few photos of Petite in her Halloween costume. She was a butterfly and I think she was awfully cute. (She's so very adventurous; the scratch on her forehead was a headfirst encounter with a chair at church, and the bruise on the side of her nose/cheek was a slip in our living room and she gracefully fell on top of the small stainless steel pot that Nana had given her this summer to play with.)

I just trimmed her bangs tonight. They were getting rather straggly for my liking and they need to be evened out and not hang in her eyes. And bumps, bruises and all, I think she's darn cute. But you know, I'm rather biaised. As a Mommy should be.


A Mommy.

That still shocks me, you know. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it.

I don't know if I want to; may it always strike me as something very special and very, very much wanted. May it never become banal or mundane. May it always remind me of our journey and may I always give thanks that our quest was fulfilled.


Vee said...

Darn cute alright!

Thanks for all the updates. The cruise sounds wonderful.

serenity said...

Oh goodness, she is ADORABLE. Can I come on the cruise with you guys? Truthfully, being stuck on a boat for however many days actually seems to WORK with a toddler. Well, the idea, anyway!

And thanks for the shout-out. :)


Anonymous said...

She is adorable!