Monday, November 08, 2010

Blood Work Results

(TMI incoming folks. Get ready.)

So here's the scoop:

Yes, I know I have a cyst on the right side. A lovely big (painful) thing measuring about 3.7 x 3.7 x 4.2 cms. How fun.

Yes, I know I have menorrhagia; as mentioned before in this blog. Technically, my RE wrote "Menorrhagia ++" on my form. How fun x2.


So even taking the iron supplements, my iron is still "depleted." No wonder I'm bleeding like a stuck pig every month. And in between too. Seriously. This month, if I didn't know that Hubby was azoospermic because of a vasectomy, I would have truly thought I miscarried, the clot was THAT big. No joke. Like large egg sized.

My LH is low, and probably affected by the cyst.

My E2 is high, and definitely affected by the cyst.

And my progesterone is unchanging from CD3 to CD21, sitting at 1.1 and 1.0 respectively. With luck, the PIO injections that I'll do with an IVF cycle will correct that.

Other than that, all is good. TSH is perfect at 1.9. Fasting glucose is great at 5.5 (Canadian values of course). FSH is 4.0 (YAY!) and prolactin, DHEAS, and all the rest are perfect.

And we move onward to our December 14 appointment in Montreal. It's approaching fast.

For those curious, I updated my earlier post with the numbers and normal values are in brackets.


Kakunaa said...

So...what is the plan for the cyst??? And what happens in Montreal?

Gil said...


We don't know yet about plans to eliminate the cyst; likely if it doesn't respond to b/c, I'll just have it aspirated. They do that using the same technique that they use for egg retrieval. A minor surgical procedure; I had it done previously, right in the middle of our IVF cycle.

Montreal is where we go to cycle. We have an initial consultation with one of our REs up there on December 14. Hopefully we can find out if/when we can get in for a cycle. Crossing fingers that it is before springtime. Wish us luck. :)

finch said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Best wishes on IVF #2.