Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Plan of Sorts

Again, a warning for those gentlemen and ladies who are sensitive to bodily fluids and functions. This post deals with how my doctors plan to treat extremely severe bleeding during my periods. Click away now if you'd prefer not to read or know this information.

So I thought I'd write a quick update for those who have been wondering what I've done to address the whole "bleeding like a stuck pig" issue.

Plan A.

Monday and Tuesday saw me trying to get appointments at my GP's office. My GP is out of town, but any of the others at the office could have seen me... if their 'emergency' appointment slots hadn't been taken. But they were, so I struck out there.

On to Plan B.

Tuesday night, enough was enough. I went to an urgent care clinic near our house. The nurse was amazed that I was still standing and able to function! She took the details down, and then took my BP which was pretty decent at 140/80. After that, I saw the doctor. He too was amazed. And somewhat perplexed. He ordered some bloodwork to be done to check hemoglobin levels and CBC details. He indicated that if the hemoglobin was low, he was going to send me to emergency to be assessed and treated.

About 45 minutes later, we learned that hemoglobin levels (and everything else they tested) was completely normal. So the doctor was at a loss as to what to do. He suggested that I contact my RE first thing Wednesday morning to get an appointment. That lead to...

Plan C

Wednesday morning, it looked like the bleeding was subsiding. It wasn't as copious as it had been and seemed to be tapering off. I figured I'd let it sit.

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday, almost nothing! WOW! First time in weeks! Alas, it was short-lived; as soon as I was done my morning shower, the bleeding returned. Not fast and furious, but it certainly did return.

So from my office this morning, I called my RE, who immediately booked me for a 10:30 appointment today. I left my office and headed there. They took my details and a copy of the blood work that was done on Tuesday night at the urgent care clinic. Next, my RE ordered a high level ultrasound elsewhere, which was booked for noon today (man, they were on the ball!). After that, I sat with my RE and chatted a bit about the whole situation. Here's his take on it:

The cyst is likely still there (I can feel it, I KNOW it's still there!) and is producing estrogen. That's throwing off my hormone levels. My progesterone is way down, and my estrogen is way up. So if he prescribed me some progesterone, in the hopes that hormones may level off a bit. And the progesterone may help alleviate the pain and aching that I'm getting from the cyst. He prescribed 20 mg per day, to reduce if I feel depressed. I'll get that prescription filled later today.

Secondly, assuming the cyst is still there, and it hasn't shrunk at all, that means the b/c pills for the past month aren't having any noticeable effect. I figured this much; we've done this before with no noticeable results on my cysts. And according to my RE, the cyst is likely causing a lot of this bleeding so it really needs to be removed.

He quickly put in a call to my OB. If you recall, my OB during my pregnancy is the same doctor who did a lap for me way back when to remove yet another cyst. However, this time, my RE asked the OB if I can be worked into the schedule in the coming few days to have the cyst aspirated. Aspiration is the same procedure I had done in Montreal right before our IVF cycle in the fall of 2008. Basically they use the same type of needle that's used in egg collection during IVF and using ultrasound, they locate the cyst, go in through the vaginal wall, and aspirate it. Poof, gone. Painful, sure. No doubt about that; there's no meds given for the procedure. But boy, it sure works like a charm!

So right now I'm waiting on a call from the RE or the OB's office to tell me when I'm scheduled. They figured by Monday or Tuesday, they can work me in for the aspiration.

At the moment, I'm just keeping fingers crossed that I don't start bleeding profusely between now and then. I'm getting tired of it all at this point. Time to just get it over and done with. Ugh. Wish me luck.


loribeth said...

Yikes! I occasionally have heavy &/or crampy periods, but nothing like what you've described. I'm on iron tablets too. I hope this helps!

serenity said...

OY. That sounds pretty nightmarish. Really happy that they have a plan to get it to stop for you. Sounds like a LOT of No Fun.


Kakunaa said...

Oh, hun. Well, at least it's a plan...I hope it goes well! They should totally gived some meds for that procedure!

ultimatejourney said...

They do that aspiration without meds??? Well, at least you know in advance so you can take some OTC stuff.

This all sounds pretty scary. I am glad you found the right person to get to the bottom of the problem so you can get it fixed. You have enough on your plate without constant bleeding added into the mix.

Vee said...

It all sounds so scary & exhausting. Good luck with the procedure. x

Nearlydawn said...

Yeah, I've done this dance... No fun.

Just after Jim was born I had severe bleeding for 2 months leading to 2 middle of the night ER visits. Turns out that I'd been PG, but didn't know it. It worked itself out naturally, but it seemed to take forever. I had all the OBs, GPs, and REs "steppin' and fetching" as they say in the South. :) About the time they figured out what it was is when it all resolved itself.

Sorry to hear your going to have to do the procedure to get rid of that cyst, but glad they are going to get you straightened out soon! If it's anything like a CVS (needle through belly) then I'll say a few words for you in my prayers!