Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day; chocolate anyone?

February 14. Valentine's Day.

Hubby and I declared years ago that we wouldn't 'celebrate' Valentine's Day in the traditional sense. We used to now and then, but for some reason, we had a particularly bad string of luck on February 14. One year he was miserably ill with the flu and in bed, sleeping off the chills. Another year, we sat down to a candlelight dinner and started to chat... and disagreed over something, which resulted in a bad (like, REALLY bad...) end to the evening. I won't use other examples, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

So just the thought of Valentine's Day sort of turns me off, you know? It brings back bad memories and feelings. Thus, we don't really celebrate it anymore. If I have anything to give to Hubby to mark the day, I NEVER give it to him on February 14; usually it's on the 12th or 13th instead.

Regardless, we also decided that we don't need a particular day to say how much we love our other half. Honestly, that is something we do more than once a year (obviously!) so it's another day to mark, but it does give us the opportunity to remember to say it. Cause, you know, the insanity of life means that we just go through the motions some days and fall in bed at the end of the day, eager for some shut-eye.

I did get Hubby a card though, and a little chocolate (he's a worse chocoholic than ANY female I know!). I got chocolate for Hubby's teenage kids too. I didn't get chocolate for Petite, but I did get her a sweet little, very soft, doggie stuffed toy with a heart-shaped dog tag. She cuddled it and was happy. Though she did ASK for chocolate. Make no mistake, she is her father's daughter. She knows how to say "chocolate?" and stretch her little hands up towards the chocolate stash above the microwave. You see, while I didn't get her any chocolate, other family members have sent some to her, so we're sparing it along. But boy, does she love her chocolate! I've taken to spelling out the word already so she doesn't get it in her head that she's getting some! Is that nuts or what?!

Side note: I think I spell too fast for Hubby and the rest of the family to understand what I'm saying! Must remember to slow down.

And a little tidbit for you: at my office, I don't have reception for a radio, but I do have Winamp running all day long, playing random music from a folder on my hard drive. One of the songs in there is "our" song, from our wedding day. And our song is Dr. Hook's "Years From Now." I heard it first thing when I got in the office this morning. It made me smile too and brought back lovely memories from our wedding day. Hubby and I have been together for 10 years, and married for 6. Our 7th anniversary is in August this year. It was lovely to hear that song this morning to start my day.

To my fellow bloggers:
Wishing Vee and Boo a wonderful holiday in Thailand, where they'll make new and wonderful memories! Take pics please!

Sandra and Edward will be christening their triplets at the end of February and Hubby and I are going to try to attend the service. I'd love to meet them all!

Bea is about ready to have her little one. She's over 40 wks already. I'm reading frequently for the update!

And wonderful news for both Michelle at I'm Not Pregnant, Just Fat and Kelly at Candid Confessions of a Southern Princess: betas are great and rising. I'm so happy for them both!

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for My Reality as she has one perfect little embryo transferred today in her efforts to have a sibling for her little girl. This cycle, things are going much the way things did when she got lucky the first time around, so I'm hoping everything works out for her and her family.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Whether you celebrate or not, there should be love in your heart for someone today, and every day!


Kakunaa said...

My chocolate cravings are beyond ridiculous right now. I understand Petite, LOL. Glad you had that fun little reminder to start your day - I love it when our song pops up on Pandora :)

Anonymous said...

Did I hear chocolate?

Thanks for the love. xxxx

marilyn said...

I love this post so much for some reason!! I love chocolate. In fact I am going for a some right now!!

Vee said...

Thanks we are back, already! And plenty of pics on FB.

Max was a huge chocoholic also, we also didn't really celebrate Valentines for the same reasons you mentioned, funny that. I haven't given much chocolate to Boo apart from a bit of choc on ice cream which he loves!