Thursday, March 24, 2011

Murder, She Wrote

I'm going to commit murder, I tell you.

Honest to goodness murder.

LaGrande is in grade 11 and she is doing a Parenting course this semester. Nothing wrong with that at all; it's good to learn those skills.

As part of the course, each of the kids has a couple of days with a "Robot" baby; essentially a simulation baby that eats, sleeps, needs to be cuddled, cries, whimpers, etc.

It's LaGrande's turn to have the sim baby for two and a half days. Now I have no problem with her Parenting class teacher wanting to give the kids a realistic experience and circulating the sim baby around the class for that purpose with each kid having the "baby" for two days or so and learning what to do.


... I do take HUGE issue with the fact that said sim baby is louder than the real baby. And as such, wakes the real baby when sim baby cries.

That thing was so damn loud, it woke Petite a couple of times as I was trying to get her to bed last night. I went so far as to tell LaGrande that she had to sleep downstairs with it; had she slept in her room, it would have had the whole house up.

Regardless, something had the whole house up all night long. Whether Petite heard that thing crying or not, she was up and down all night and that made for a bad night for all of us.


Needless to say, I left a message on the school's answering machine yesterday. I will be calling again this morning to talk to the teacher. Frankly, with the practice that LaGrande has had with a real baby, I think experience with a sim baby is a bit over the top. And I'll be damned if that electronically-wired ball of plastic is going to disrupt my baby again tonight. NO F*CKING WAY.

Someone's gonna hear it from me today. Not acceptable at all.

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neeroc said...

Oh that is so not cool. Good thing she's not staying here or she might have to explain how the crazy grandma chucked the doll out the window *g*. Hope all goes well with the convo - have you considered vlogging it?