Friday, March 25, 2011

This Moment -- Wishing I Participated

I love Steph and Carey's Friday ritual (inspired by SouleMama) of posting a single photo; a memory from the week, that they want to hold forever in their hearts. "This Moment" has become a bit of a treat for me. I get to peek at their wonderful world with The Trio and smile at the tender, funny, sweet, uplifting moments that they experience. I have often thought that it is something that I would love to do.

In order to do that, I would need to take photos, right? But you know something? I realized that I don't take photos every week. Isn't that an absolute shame?? I think it is. Truly, I do. I am so slack in my diligence that I let days -- weeks even -- go by without taking a single photo of Petite or the changes that I see in her from day to day. It's terrible. It really is terrible.

There are so many things, so many changes I see in her. I try to detail them to family members and elsewhere, but sometimes, I think I'd love to take photos more often and ensure that a record of the special moments is here... for her to see and read about when she gets older.

Time slips by so quickly and then I read blogs about parents who have lost their young infants for whatever reason and they cherish each and every photo they have of their little ones. I understand how precious those must be. (I pray to God that none of us ever has to deal with this situation.)

Photos. Recorded memories. Moments in time. Cherished moments that touch me. I must make more of an effort in this regard. I'll try to do better. For me. For Petite. For our family. I must do better.


Steph said...

Thanks for mentioning us! I often joke that my wife is like the paparazzi with our kids. There's always a camara or cell phone around to capture the moment. We take hundreds of pictures a month. It's a bit overbaord but it's sure fun to go back and look at them. I hardly remember them being so little (we were just looking at pictures from April 2009 last night - we organize pics by month b/c we take so many). Good luck in your goal to take more picture!

Vee said...

I wish I had taken more photos of Boo and Max, at the time I thought I had but now looking back there aren't that many at all.

As you know I take heaps of photos, but it's my hobby so it's a win win situation.

You must take more photos, you can't go back in time although I wish we could. I would love to see more of your gorgeous Petite!

loribeth said...

I wish I had discovered scrapbooking before I got pregnant; maybe I would have more photos of myself from those brief six months. I know some scrapbookers who do "Project 365," i.e., they commit to taking at least one photo every day. Not sure I could do that, but I wish I took more photos. I tend to go in spurts, & my photos are more event-driven (birthdays, Christmas, vacations, etc.) than everyday stuff.