Friday, September 23, 2011

A Handful of Busy

There's a lot going on right now and just trying to keep up is getting the better of me. As evidenced by the dizzy spells I've had this week. Two people said I really ought to get my doctor to check it out, but I expect it'll pass. At least, that's what I'm banking on.

I'm researching the answers to the questions that I'll be asked on camera on Monday for the TV interview that I'll be doing. I hope I can convey the points that Conceivable Dreams is looking to convey. Wish me luck.

My doctor called yesterday: she is referring me for an MRI for my right heel. I've had pain for more than a year now and I started physio last week. The physiotherapist said, "That's an Achilles tear. Partial or full, I don't know. But that's all Achilles, not bursitis," and he asked for the name of my doctor. I can only surmise that it was his doing that helped get me that referral. We'll see what happens. I have physio again tomorrow morning.

Today is Friday. I usually try to do a This Moment post. Alas... I have no photos for you. Well, I do. But I haven't downloaded them yet. I promise I will. I just need to try to find some time. My time is so tight these days, that I haven't even had a chance to call my own mom this week! And that's a shame. Because I know so many of us have lost our moms already, all all of you would be beating me with a stick saying, "Call your mother!" I'll try to squeeze that in tonight after bathtime routines.

Children mentioned hereafter: Life/Petite Update

Hubby is working 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. (or sometimes 4 p.m. to midnight) so I see him for maybe 15 minutes per day: some in the morning, and a few minutes in the evening if I'm lucid enough to chat for a few when he gets home. It's tiring me out though. I am keeping tabs on LaGrande and her whereabouts and social life (as required of any 16-year old!) and of course, caring for Petite when I'm not at the office. I make up the menus, do a lot of the shopping and deal with meals, sometimes with Hubby's or LaGrande's help for example, in preparation or just putting something in the oven and turning it on before I get home from work with Petite.

And there are nights like Wednesday, when Petite refuses to go to sleep. After a bedtime story, and a snack and milk, she needs to brush her teeth. While she's sleepy when she's having her milk and story, getting her up to do her teeth wakes her up and then she plays and tosses and turns for an hour or more. Wednesday, she didn't go to sleep until almost 10 p.m.! It's crazy. I tried starting the routine earlier last night, and she went to sleep by about 8:50. Still late, but better than 9:50! I sometimes fall asleep next to her but it isn't the ideal situation, now is it? Ugh.

Petite continues to do amazingly well with using the toilet. So much so that at daycare yesterday, she took her nap in her panties, rather than a diaper. Last night after dinner, she peed a little at the kitchen table and immediately stopped herself, exclaiming, "Pee!" LaGrande took her to the washroom and Petite finished the job. She does this on a regular basis now, if she ever starts to have an accident. No big deal. I'm glad that we have hardwood and laminate flooring!

She needs another haircut now too. As an infant, her hair grew excruciatingly slowly! But wow, has it ever picked up the pace! I can't see her eyes anymore. And I need to have it trimmed before we go to the pumpkin patch and Saunders Farm next month for our traditional Halloween outing with the family.

LaGrande got a part-time job and we're thrilled for her of course! It does throw a monkey wrench into the family outings and such, but it's okay. After all, it's what is supposed to happen. And honestly, having a job will give her a boost of confidence again. Good for her! We all need someone to believe in us (other than our parents!) now and then. I'm so proud!

Anyway, all that to say I'm just tuckered out. Life is dealing me a handful of busy and I'm dealing with it. While I'm still reading all of your blogs, I rarely get time for my own. Bear with me; this too shall pass. And I'll upload pics as soon as I get them.

Sending love to...
A shout out to Michelle, who after 35 weeks, had a C-section last night because pre-eclampsia was about to rear its ugly head. Her twins have arrived! We're waiting for updates, but all reports are good. Go say hi and tell her congratulations!

I'm also watching Kelly's blog closely because she is also 35 weeks and almost ready to meet her little girl. I hope everything goes smoothly for her!

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