Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Sense of Humour

(Children mentioned in this post.)

Petite's got herself a sense of humour! Just like her Daddy and her big (half-) brother. I love it.

Last night at dinner, Petite was happily eating her meal, no problem and LaGrande and I were discussing the day and upcoming plans over our dinner. Next thing we know, Petite holds up her hands and shrugs, saying, "Fork?"

We turned to look at her (she's in her highchair at the corner of the table between LaGrande and me) and we didn't see her fork at all. So we start looking. Did she drop it on the floor? No, we would have heard it. Did she drop it beside her leg in the high chair? No, not there. Was it under her tray? Nope, not there either. Where in heavens did it go?

A couple of minutes of looking and LaGrande and I were totally perplexed. Petite was giggling her butt off though. We thought she found it funny that LaGrande and I stopped eating to look for her fork.

But the little stinker! She laughed aloud, a broad smile on her face and she reached behind her back and pulls out her fork, holding it high in the air, triumphantly. We laughed with her. Of course, then it was a game; she did it repeatedly and I held up my hand to my forehead, as if searching the horizon, saying, "Where's the fork? Here fork! Come here forky, forky, forky!" calling loudly for the fork to come back. And we repeated the search for fun, all to amuse her and hear her laugh.

It was fun. I love to watch her little personality develop and shine. She's a sweet, loving, gorgeous little girl. And I am SO blessed. Don't I know it.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Totally adorable.

marilyn said...

that is so funny!! It is amazing how some kids just have a good sense of humor! You are very lucky she is a a little comedian! ;)
thanks for your comments on my last post too. I really appreciated it:)