Monday, December 19, 2011

Blood Draws; the Vampire Strikes Again! Ugh.

To check up on how my thyroid is doing, my doctor regularly orders blood work for me. This time, I had to get it done; my prescription for medication is about to run out! Eeek!

So I went on December 8 and had blood drawn. Most of the results were normal. However, a couple were a touch off. Here are the details:

TSH (thyroid) is at 2.45. Technically this is "normal" however, if I wanted to do another IVF, I need to get that down below 2.0, and ideally, around 1.5. I had a feeling that my meds weren't doing an optimal job anymore.

Ferritin (aka iron) is at 53. That means that I have "reduced iron stores" because normal is from 80 to 300. At least it's better than what I had last year. Still not great though. Obviously I need to eat more meat.

Both monocytes and eosinophils were a touch above normal, at 0.81 and 0.45 respectively. Normal ranges for monocytes are 0.0-0.8. Normal ranges for eosinophils are 0.0 to 0.4. I am not sure what this means... some websites suggest dimished lung capacity? Maybe this is a factor of the terrible cough/cold that I'm still fighting. I suspected I might have pneumonia. I wonder if I ought to get an x-ray to be sure. Ugh. Not fun.

Those are the latest details from the vampires. On a positive note, I found a great technician at a local laboratory and hopefully I will get lucky and have her again when I need to get blood drawn!

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Mo and Will said...

sorry for all the bloodwork : ( hope you feel better soon. you should verify with your doctor, but your values are so close to normal, I'm betting they aren't of any concern. Hope you're doing ok up there in the way up North! : )