Monday, March 19, 2012

Fertile Future

In the IF community, here among ALI bloggers, we know of many who have been down the hellish road of dealing with cancer as well as infertility. Sometimes, cancer precedes infertility and treatment can lead to infertility.

But there are ways to look ahead, down the road, and change that outcome.

Fertile Future is a national organization, based in Ottawa, that is dedicated to preserving the fertility of young people who are diagnosed with cancer. The organization has an all-encompassing approach that helps young people across the country (in 40+ affiliated centres) with fertility preservation, as they face cancer treatments and tackle health issues head on. On their website, you can find a number of resources.

  • success stories

  • stellar REs (ours included) on the board

  • patient support

  • ambassador program

  • cost reduction program

  • registered, charitable organization info

  • newsletter

  • events

  • and more!

This year, on May 10 in Toronto, Ontario, they are holding An Evening of Hope. It will be an evening of art, food, wine and well known Canadian broadcaster and handsome weatherman, Anwar Knight, will be the Master of Ceremonies. Tickets are now on sale, or if you would like to donate to Fertile Future, that too is an option. If I'm not mistaken, one of my old schoolmates, Rick Mercer, hosted a benefit for Fertile Future here in Ottawa last year sometime. (God knows, Rick is always hilarious to watch; that hasn't changed since high school!)

I think this is a wonderful cause. Kudos to the organizers and all of those involved. While I didn't have the added stress of cancer to accompany our infertility diagnosis, I know many in the ALI community who have and something like this is a beacon of light and hope in the dark night as they try to find their way. May An Evening of Hope this year be absolutely wonderful!

A shout out to FET Accompli who brought this to my attention. (If you're reading this, get in touch with a link to your blog so I can add you to my own reading list please??!!) It's so important for us to discuss the affects of cancer treatment on fertility and how best to preserve fertility for future opportunities.


Mo and Will said...

sounds like a great organization! thanks for publicizing it. i have sometimes mourned that there were no fertility preservation options for me at the time I went through my treatment (b/c it was pre-egg freezing days). Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we've finally found the right embryo after all these years.

I'm glad technology has advanced and that young people with cancer have more options now.

BTW, there is a similar organization stateside called Fertile Hope.

Thanks for your support and comments recently - I'm honored (and appreciative) that you've kept following me all this time : )


loribeth said...

You went to high school with Rick Mercer??!

Glad to see this issue is getting some attention.

Gil said...

Mo, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to follow along with your story and to continue to cheer you along on this crazy ride. It's my pleasure. And I am really glad to hear that there is a similar organization in the States!

Gil said...

Loribeth, yep, I did go to high school with Rick Mercer. And Andrew Younghusband too (of Canada's Worst Driver and Canada's Worst Handyman fame). Both of them were... well... just as insane back then as they are now. Rick didn't finish high school; he dropped out to take his one-man show on the road. But he first played it to our high school and the local hall at home. Funny?! OMG, he is/was so funny. I have video of him back then as well I believe, and so many photos in our yearbooks. Wow. Andrew was in a few of my classes (he's my age) while Rick was a year ahead of me. And Rick's sister hung with us as well for awhile (I believe she was on our swim team?). Anyway, yeah, the two of them are nuts. But we love them anyway! Next year is our class 25th reunion; I wonder if Andrew will join along?!

FET Accompli said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word about Fertile Future and An Evening of Hope! This is very much appreciated.

I'm also trying to spread the word about one of the silent auction items at the event - Sara Cohen of Fertility Law Canada is contributing a gestational surrogacy or egg donor contract! Ths is a great opportunity to get a good price on these pricey contracts and contribute to a great cause all at the same time. If you are able to spread the word about this in the blogosphere, I would be grateful!

For details/tickets or connecting with our Facebook and Twitter pages, people can visit:

I ended up taking my blog private :-) And gosh, I haven't posted for 4 months now... I'll need to get back into it. I can send you an invite if you'd like to check it out (and if I remember how to do this!!)

If you'd like to reach me, you can email me at: