Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Belated {This Moment}, etc.

It's late, I know, but this is a photo of Petite from last Thursday. She had her first dentist appointment (wow, I didn't know they would do a cleaning for a 2-year old!) and she did really well. Too bad it was quickly followed on Friday by a fever and discomfort. I suspect it's teething; at the dental appointment, we clearly saw her upper right eyetooth coming through her gums. Poor girl.

  • Tomorrow morning I work early and take half the day off. Petite and I will head to the airport to pick up my mom and my oldest aunt. They're visiting for a week with the intent and purpose of spending as much time as possible with Petite.

  • I picked up Hubby's birthday gift the other day. He will be 44 in April and I know he will LOVE this gift. I can't wait to tell him what it is. He'll be thrilled! I know it.

  • A former elementary school classmate has an exhibition launch at the Museum of Science and Nature next week in Ottawa. Unrequited Death promises to be gorgeous. Helen was one of two or three fabulous artists (hmm, do you call a child at age 7 or 8 an artist? or just an excellent 'draw-er'?) in school and we always knew she would follow through and do something artistic with her life. As the show is in my hometown, and I would love to attend, Helen ensured that I got an invitation and so next Wednesday, Petite and I will be going to the Museum for a couple of hours. I'm so looking forward to it! I must remember to be home in time for Petite's bedtime though! Lest I have a cranky girl on my hands. But it will be wonderful to see Helen and her art!

  • It looks like spring may have sprung in our corner of the world. I hope so. The snow pile on my lawn is down to a manageable level (read: I can see across the street now!) and warmer temps mean that we can leave Petite's snowsuit at home in favour of a splash suit and rainboots in the morning. My girls loves splashing in the puddles, that's for sure!

  • In 2013, my high school will be holding a 25-year reunion. Dear God, it's been that long? Organizers are busy planning things and with luck, Hubby and I will be able to make it. That would be wonderful. The other vacation we're planning next year is somewhere warm on a beach in February. The -30 temperatures that we get here in February aren't much fun so we're going to plan to do an all-inclusive somewhere, with my girlfriend and her daughter, and my stepson too we hope. Suggestions? Anything other than Mexico or Cuba are possibilities. If you have recommendations, I'm listening!

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy your March Break!

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I have heard good things about Costa Rica?