Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Poppy!

My dad's birthday was yesterday. He turned 71 years old. For his birthday, I didn't give him anything; there's nothing I can give him that he truly wants. Except...

Petite grabbed the phone, saying, "Wanna talk Poppy." I handed it over and listened. She chatted for a moment, answering Poppy's questions. Gently, I reminded her, "What do we need to say to Poppy today?" She looked up at me, "Happy Birthday Poppy," she said loudly into the mouthpiece.

What happened next, I couldn't even script.

She said, "Wanna sing Happy Birthday." So I said, "Let's sing it together," and I helped her get going:

"Happy Birthday... " and she was off and running singing to her Poppy, loud and strong.

I gave him a great gift after all; well, Petite did. It was such a good gift, it made him cry. That's saying something. My dad is old school; he never cries.

Except when Petite sings to him obviously.

Happy Birthday Dad. I'm so glad you had the chance to hear your granddaughter singing Happy Birthday to you and telling you how much she loves you before she kisses the phone and hands it back to me.

On a personal note, much to my surprise, this is post #401. I can't believe it's been more than five years since I've been writing here, and it's been nine years that I've focussed on infertility awareness. Time flies when you're having fun!


Mo and Will said...

Happy birthday to your dad!!! What a great gift to hear Petite sing to him!!



loribeth said...

Happy birthday to your dad! And happy #400+! : )|

By the way, I was watching Republic of Doyle last night on CBC. Do you ever watch? It's like an hour long commercial for Nfld tourism, lol. Except who knew there was so much crime & so many shootouts there?? ; )

Anonymous said...
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