Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Weeks from Hell

Okay, so I've been quiet lately. Honestly? I'm just coming up for air right now. It's been a couple of weeks from hell. Seriously. We couldn't have scripted it any better. No joke.

My mom and my aunt came to visit. Fantastic, right? Oh definitely! I love seeing them and spending time with them. I am blessed in that they have the opportunity and are close enough in proximity to travel a couple of times per year to see Petite. They do enjoy doing that. We all lament though that my sister and her little boy are so far away in West Virginia. It's tough not being able to see him more frequently as he grows up. He'll be one year old at the end of May and I would LOVE to see him for his birthday. *sigh*

Anyway, so my mom and aunt arrived.

I think they brought the pox/plague with them.

They arrived on Wednesday. The day after they arrived, Mom said she wasn't feeling well. Just... "off" so to speak. By Friday night when we went out for supper, she was definitely having chills and not looking her finest. Saturday she spent in bed. She thought she had a bit of a fever. And she was having aches and pains. She desperately needed sleep.

Alas, my two cats are definitely nocturnal and they just LOVE to roam through the house, meowing, pawing at closed doors, tearing around, doing anything and everything possible to interrupt sleep. One of them sat on my pillow and bit my hair/head the other day, so badly did he want me to get up and feed him at 3 a.m.! I was NOT impressed.

Oh, and then one of them puked in the hallway and Hubby stepped in it. *sigh again*

My aunt, thankfully, survived with a tickle in her throat, but I am told it developed into something more drastic when she returned home. Ugh.

Added to that the fact that the day before they were to leave (Wednesday), I had taken the day off to spend with them. I was looking forward to my Tuesday off, spending it at home with them all, maybe taking them shopping while Hubby watched Petite in the afternoon.

That wasn't to be either.

On Monday, our fridge died. FAST. Great: the one week that we have nice, warm, sunny weather that is abnormally hot, our fridge gives up the ghost!? Freakin lovely. I spent Monday evening making space in our little bar fridge for essentials and moving freezer stuff down to the deep freeze in the basement. Then I started scouring around for a new fridge. We found a few possibilities.

And thus we spent the entire day on Tuesday fiddling with that. Getting a fridge, getting it delivered ASAP, moving it in, moving the other one out (removing doors as per law), and changing the handle on the new fridge, cleaning it, moving stuff into it, tossing old stuff out, etc. What a nightmare! We had taken out a roast for Mom to cook that day for a family dinner, but in the end, we were far too tired to deal with that. However, the roast was thawed so we had to cook it. We did. And then ordered pizza for supper after a long, tiring day. I really needed to put something stronger into my tea that night, that's for sure.

Okay, so they flew home one week after they arrived, and Mom apparently dropped her bag in the hallway at home and went to bed for three days straight. Poor woman. My goal isn't to exhaust my mom and aunt when they visit yanno. Jeez. Some hostess I am... We never got to the new Ikea. We never even hit Costco! We didn't get to go shopping like we planned. Mom hoped to be able to babysit one night for us so Hubby and I could go to a movie or something. But none of it happened. Seriously. The. Week. From. Hell.

Three days after they left, I came down with whatever Mom had. A flu I guess. I had no vomiting or stuffy nose, none of that sort of thing. But I had aches. Chills. Pains. Stiffness. Dizziness. Exhaustion. BADLY. I went to work on Friday, but on the weekend I spent many hours in bed.

And over that weekend, Petite got sick with a cold. Nice. Snot everywhere. We went through two boxes of tissues. She had to stay home with me on Monday. And she was stir crazy. She didn't want to nap (and I badly needed one). She didn't even want to eat (fine enough, as long as she drank something). Tuesday came, and I was so out of it. I HAD to stay home. And she wasn't quite well enough to go to daycare for the second day. So she stayed home with me, again. But it was worse.

When she wouldn't nap, I left her to play in her room with her gate closed so I knew she was safe. I drifted in and out of a dazed sleep for about 30 or 40 mins. However, upon hearing, "Mommy help! I'm upside down!" I quickly hauled my sick ass to her room. What I saw made me collapse in a heap. I texted that photo to Hubby and simply cried. He left work to come rescue me. I was a mess. Needless to say, she was better enough to go to daycare by Wednesday.

And I stayed home, yet again. I'm still not quite back up to snuff, dealing with a bit of tunnel vision and vertigo. But I'm managing.

It gets better right? Please Lord, let it get better.

Oooh, one bit of good news. One of the local winners of last year's contest (The New HOT 89.9's Win a Baby contest... which won awards by the way!) just announced on the station this morning that her first IVF cycle in January is a success! She would be about 6-7 weeks right now and is due in November! I'm SO happy for her and her husband! Amazing. May the road to her rainbow be a fantastic ride!

Oh yeah, and I had my CD3 bloodwork last Friday to test LH, FSH, TSH, E2 and Ferritin. I still have the bruise. We'll see what happens.


Mo and Will said...

Ugh, Gil. Feel better!!!


surpriseofunfolding said...

hang in there. I repeat my mom's words to myself over and over during these times: 'this too shall pass'

You will probably laugh at that photo in a few years??

I hope you all make a full recovery soon!