Monday, April 02, 2012

Insensitive Twits and Stupid Callousness (AKA April Fool's)

Rant incoming.
Yes, it's MY blog. I get to bloody well rant when I want to. And be aware: strong language is likely part of this one.

Holy mother of baby Jesus.

Stupid updates abound on April Fool's Day, don't they? Seriously! Now, I get it: I know I'm probably more sensitive than the general population, having dealt with 6+ years of infertility and going through hell and back. But yanno, I really, really don't find it one bit funny that people decide to post a picture of a goddamned ultrasound and chose to announce a pregnancy to the entire fucking world in this manner.

Look at your history. Maybe you had a little, tiny bit of trouble (read: three months worth) trying to conceive one of your children. Maybe you even sought out the help of a true infertile at one point to talk to, to attempt to understand what she goes through, or to try to learn about what tests the infertility doctor might have you do at your scheduled appointment. Maybe you realized before that damn RE appointment came around that you were actually pregnant (stupid fertiles).

Maybe you should stop for a moment, just a fucking MOMENT, and think; think about all the people on your FB friends list that ARE infertile and dealing with IUI, IVF, donor gametes, injections, surgeries, etc. to try to have a baby. Or those that have had a miscarriage. Or a stillbirth. Or those that have given up hoping. Those that are dealing with depression because of their inability to have a family. Those that have decided to live childless but not by choice... and who yearn daily for years to have a child.

Maybe, just MAYBE you should grow a fucking brain before you post an April Fool's Day status update stating that you're pregnant.

Oh wait... too late. On the brain part that is.

Because my friends, yes indeed, there are the brainless wonders that post an ultrasound in that FB status update. I kid you not. A fucking ULTRASOUND. Good flying fuck. If you did this, I have to say, you are without a doubt an absolute twit. You are, in my view, a stupid idiot. You would be the absolute height of insensitivity and callousness. You, stunned brainless git, need to be slapped silly. You have absolute GALL to flaunt the mere possibility of being pregnant in the face of all of those people that grieve, yearn, try and cry. That means that you are one of the most insensitive and stupid individuals that I have ever had the misfortune to meet.


Take that shit down. That is cruel and unfeeling. Grow the fuck up. And be a damned adult... assuming you are an adult (questionable, at best).


Man, this shit makes my blood boil. Can you tell?

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Vee said...

Just disgusting!