Friday, April 17, 2015

Reflections on life and changes

Taking stock. It's good for me to just stop for a moment and reflect on things. 

My time is in increasingly high demand these days. 

Busy at work. Preparing to transition from one position to another. Obtaining top secret clearance for that new job. Social Committee events and translation of its posters, e-mails, and communications. Baking for the committee and the church. Walking for the church... daily on my own and as part of the group. Updating the church blog. Teaching others how to do the same to help me out. Training for the 5K race at the end of May. Taking Petite to Sparks. Selling Girl Guide cookies. Taking Petite to swimming class. Making sure I get to choir and practise as needed for our hymns. Seeing friends. Making sure our geriatric cat is well taken care of. Planning our vacay in July. Figuring out child care for Petite for the summer. Shopping for clothes that is sorely needed (down to 168 lbs!). Shopping for groceries. Making sure family back at home has necessary gifts and cards for various events. Helping Petite with homework (we have to build a puppet from recycled materials for the end of the month and in May it's her turn to bring the play-doh... gotta make that next weekend). Handling finances. Shopping for and celebrating Hubby's birthday last week. And more. 

Life is a bit insane right now. I still cannot wrap my head around the weight loss and how I actually look in the mirror and in my clothes. A girlfriend and I did go shopping last week. I indulged. Shoes. (Oh these florals make me feel positively sinful!) 

Frillies. Skirts. Pants. Blouses. Shirts and a gorgeous coral suit. I am stunned to find myself in size 10. THAT is nothing short of incredible. (This suit jacket is a bit big and needs tailoring but no smaller size was available.)

However the same old feelings are still there. Am I good enough? Am I "normal enough" now? I do not consider myself pretty (OMG hell no) but am I good enough, for once? The doc said I should take stock. Check in now and then with myself to see how I'm feeling. And she said I should poll others who know me to see what they would say about me. How would they describe me? What traits or characteristics would they attribute to me? (If you wish to chime on that in I would be grateful.) 

So here I am. Taking stock of a very busy life. I feel like I'm too busy to stop to even do that. 


Anonymous said...

You look great. Life is faster paced now. We can't go back to the slower days when we were younger. Take care of yourself even you're busy. Grab the small pockets of time to relax and appreciate your role in helping everyone else.

ks said...

Okay...LOVE the shoes! And that color coral looks fabulous on you! Congratulations on your weight loss success! I started running with a couch to 5km program and became hooked as well! You look great, and yes you ARE very pretty! :D beautiful people on the inside, just ooze it out!

loribeth said...

Gil, you look fabulous!! The suit is gorgeous & you look great it in it! Enjoy your new wardrobe!