Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Second Blood Draw

Friday's bloodwork went... relatively well. I'm surprised in fact.

I went in there dreading it. I was trying my darndest to be calm. You know, doing the music thing, trying to relax, focus on other things, zone out to a different planet (LOL) all those good things. I did just that. BTW, drugs help too! Newsflash huh? Anyway, I was so relaxed by the time hubby told me they were ready for me, it was like I was somewhere else.

I got in there, and the woman doing the draw was confident and skilled. It was obvious. She had me sit up to try to find a vein on the right arm. Nothing. Right hand... she thought she had one, and she lay me down. She located it again and hubby held my arm while she stuck me. No luck though; the vein rolled away. Hubby told me later that it was the first time he'd seen a vein "move" away like that. It sorta shocked him I think to see that this really isn't all in my head. It truly is very difficult to find the veins in my arms.

So the phlebotomist had me turn to lie the other way, with my left arm out. She got a vein in my left hand, near my ring finger. And she stuck. And got it. Thank God. I exhaled and gritted my teeth, scraping my nails on the wall. For this draw, the only tests were for FSH and Estradiol so only one vial was needed; a much shorter time on the table than Tuesday! Whew! All done, they sat me up, made sure I wasn't going to faint, and hubby took me home. I fell into bed by about 3:30 and slept until 7 p.m. Friday evening.

It's now Sunday night. My hands are both still bruised, but it's over. And now we wait for the results. To Lisa, Neeroc, the Town Criers, hubby, and all who were hoping that it went well, I thank you for your thoughts. It is good to know that when I'm lying on that table, I'm not alone.

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