Friday, December 15, 2006

On an IF Break; Vacation in Florida!

Well, a vacation is a good thing, and although I'm not quite yet in "vacation" mode, I'm getting there. I think a few good long strolls on the beach will do me a world of good. It'll let me commune with nature and all that. I love to just sit on the beach and watch the tide, listen to the waves, let the sand run through my fingers. It calms me, soothes me.

Today, hubby and I went over the Sunshine Skyway in beautiful Florida down to Ellenton to do a bit of shopping. And while at the outlet stores, we happened across a bookstore that is closing up shop. All of their books were on sale; hardcovers for the low price of $4, and paperbacks for $2. We started to browse.

I think I got really lucky. (Ah, if only we could get so lucky with getting two pink lines huh?) Anyway, I bought a few references. First, I came across a little book entitled Create a Special Baby's Room. I thought it looked like a bit of fun and certainly something that I can play with, given that I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. That paperback cost me $2.

We poked around a little more. And my husband found one that he thought I would like, called A Few Good Eggs. I must say, it seems like the two co-authors have some great ideas! I'm looking forward to reading that one. It was a hardcover... $4.

The last resource we stumbled across was, for me, the motherlode. It's a book that has been recommended to me by a few other donor couples and people who've gone or investigated the donor route. It's called Helping the Stork; The Choices and Challenges of Donor Insemination. I think it will help me understand my emotions a little better. It's hard to find people who have gone the donor route, who are facing similar circumstances as my husband and I are. This book is a paperback too; $2.

Sending love to...
This week, I'd like first to thank all of you who've come by to offer your thoughts and good wishes as AF came to ruin my holiday joy. I do appreciate your sentiments, and I'm not giving up. Not yet. It wasn't easy to deal with AF, but I am not throwing in the towel. I'm a stubborn Canuck... better yet, a stubborn Newf. And I'm NOT letting IF get the better of me. Nuh uh. No way.

That said, I sure wish I were in Smarshy's wife's shoes! Lucky lady! My fingers are crossed for Smarshy and M as they see the second faint line, and wait (with much hope) for that line to darken. Oh it would be wonderful for them to get lucky! And I pray to God that they do.

Love to everyone. I think I'm gonna go soak in the hot tub. There's a daiquiri with my name on it somewhere...


Vee said...

You got some great buys there. I have read Helping The Stork, I found it very helpfully when I was starting out.

Enjoy that daiquiri :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy your florida break!!! hoping it will be refreshing, energizing and lead to only good thing!
(sariel and i will be doing the same in feb!)

Cibele said...

Where are you from? OMG, I bought almost the same books at a bookstore that is closing at Great Mall, KS. Everything was either 2 or 4 U$. Enjoy your vacation!