Saturday, December 23, 2006

Florida Vacation

So it's been a busy week. Can't you tell?

Hubby and I went with my family up to Orlando to the Magic Kingdom. A friend had requested this pic, so I thought I'd share it with you.

A smile. Yeah. And it's on MY face. Colour me surprised. That happens so rarely lately.

Hubby commented yesterday (while we sat in the hot tub with coconut rum drinks in hand) that he's seen me relax a great deal in the last week or so. Slowly but surely the heavy weight seems to be floating away.

It was until last night that is. My mom and aunts, being fans of Rod Stewart, wanted to watch the Christmas special that was on TV last night. I was wiping the table after dinner when it came on and lo and behold, the title of the Christmas special was "A Home for the Holidays," Rod Stewart's contribution to... finding homes for adopted children. I just couldn't watch. I fled to the bedroom to have a little cry, resolving myself NOT to ruin my family's vacation. Mom saw my face and followed me to the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around me and I said, "I'm sorry. I won't ruin your vacation. I won't." I sat down on the bed, head in my hands and she sat down next to me, put her hand on my back and said, "I was waiting for this. Gil... you ARE my vacation honey." Words cannot express how thankful I was at that precise moment to have my mom close to me.

She soon left and I flipped on the TV to see what ELSE was on. I came across a rerun of Reba; the episode where Reba's teenage daughter Cheyenne gives birth. Then another Christmas holiday thing; an abandoned baby on a doorstep. Then yet another Christmas thing with a child's Christmas pageant being portrayed. Argh!!!! That was when hubby and I mixed drinks and went to the hot tub. When all seems lost, coconut rum numbs the pain. Temporarily at least.

Here's hoping I can avoid the Christmas weekend touchy-feely specials that all seem to include children. My emotions can't handle that very well right now.

Sending love to you all in blogland and certainly much love to Smarshy and M at this difficult time. I hope your holidays with the Buggins bring you joy, happiness and a sense of wonderment at this special time of the year. *hugs*


Katie said...

Why, oh why, do we continue to see things that only remind us of the pain? For some reason, kids and kid-issues are EVERYWHERE!

I received a beautiful Christmas photo postcard of a friend's 2 beautiful children. I was jealous....and meanly hoped that her marriage sucked. With the blessing of kids, you have to have SOMETHING to balance it out? That sounds crazy but I hope you can appreciate what I mean.

Vee said...

Nice pic :)
Your post got me all teary. I know that horrible feeling they/it is everywhere and more so at this time of the year.

Glad you are feeling relaxed.
Happy holidays

Anonymous said...

ah crap. that is just so typical. glad though that your mum was so cool...and that you got to escape with your hubby to hot tub and drinks...sounds perfect!

enjoy the rest of your holiday....may it be free of frequent reminders...

Beagle said...

Even in church there was no escape. I meant to keep count of how many times the words babe, baby, and womb, birth, etc., came up in the sermon and the carols!


(I only go to church this once a year and see what I get for it??)

Florida looks fun!

Shop Girl said...

Isn't it just crappy when you're having a great time and get whonked over the head with some reminder about your IF struggles? I'm sorry that you had to endure that, although it sounds like your Mom was a great comfort. Sounds like the rest of your vacation was great, though.