Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bloodwork Results

So there's good news and bad news. I got the results of last week's CD3 bloodwork this morning and here are the numbers. Normal values for the follicular phase are in parentheses.

TSH - 3.39 (0.30-4.70)
LH - 1.3 (2.4-6.6)
FSH - 4.6 (3.0-22.0)
Estradiol - 131 (0-921; CDN Values) OR 35.7 (25-75; US Values)
Prolactin - 14.1 ( 3.3-26.7)
Blood group - A+
Rubella - 58 (>12 is Immune)
Hep A AB (IgG + IgM) - Negative
Hep B Antigen - Negative
Hep B Antibody - <10 (Non-immune)
Hep C AB - Negative

And hubby's sperm count? Zero.
*Curses the stupid vasectomy that worked and the reversal that failed... yet again*

So the good news is, my FSH is very good. The bad news is, my LH seems to be really, really low. From what I have learned, low LH levels have been associated with poor egg quality and poor implantation as well as higher rates of early miscarriage.

Great... something else we deal with.

Or not. I guess that remains to be seen.

Anyone care to weigh in?


Katie said...

Hey, would love your feedback....considering hubby getting a vasectomy. It's been 3 years of "trying" and the verdict is that we have less than 10% chance of conceiving and even if we did, we'd have a high chance of miscarriage. Thoughts?

Aurelia said...

Hmmm, well Gil, is there any other tests on his sperm possible? I know Reality had some done on Mr.Wonderful. Don't know if they would help clarify the miscarriage question but I think they checked his DNA sperm fragmentation?

Also....I think you can deal with the risk of miscarriage separately. Progesterone, baby aspirin, heparin, hcg all help decrease that risk, and it could also just be an issue with PCOS, right?

Try to focus on working out and getting healthy and by the time you are ready for IVF, the numbers might be completely different. you never know, right?

Anonymous said...

First of all, your FSH is AMAZING! As for the low LH, you can take stimulation drugs with LH in them (MenOpur, Repr0nex) that would help with the lowish LH.

Kim said...

Wow, I am so excited to find your blog. I am really sorry that you're concerned about your LH, but I am actually really relieved to find someone with a similar level! Please (shameless begging here) share ANY info/knowledge that you have about this, and any insight about my CD3 blood work. I'd really appreciate it so much.

In the meantime, I'll be catching up on your blog!

Thalia said...

Gil, I haven't seen anything about LH being low as a problem, and I have seen that during IVF using drugs with LH make no difference to egg quality than protocols without LH, so not sure what you've read but try not to get too worried about that, I think you'll be ok.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm always impressed that you get all of your numbers!!!
Sorry about that DAMN vasectomy working so well...KRAP!!!
All in all the rest looks great, to my eyes, and as others have said the low LH is definitely 'treatable'...looks like things are gearing up nicely for IVF...

Kim said...

I just wanted to update and mention that I've researched hypopituitarism quite a bit, and it's worth looking into (re: low LH).

Marie-Baguette said...

re: your hubby, if you have any question about TESA, feel free to ask them to me and my hubby. It is frightening but painless and very efficient. Good luck with everything

Angie said...

No feedback, just letting you know that I'm here.

Kim said...

I'm just hoping for an update... is everything okay?

OHN said...

Just stoppin by to say hi and see if you are ok...just thinking about you.