Friday, March 13, 2009

Four Days of Hell to Get Through

Hubby and I managed to get an appointment this afternoon for a session with a genetics counsellor. We have an update as well; instead of 1:50, our chances are 1:75 (my weight had not been added to the calculation). Still, I don't like those odds and anything less than 1:200 they offer an amnio to delve a little deeper.

Now that I've heard these results, I'm thinking, "Buttered side down, we always land on the shitty side of the statistics. I need to know." So yes, I need to know.

The amnio is scheduled for Tuesday morning. I've been advised to take the day off work and rest afterwards. I know what happened to Manuela (bless her) and I'm scared to death that the amnio will result in a miscarriage. But I still need to know.

Until Tuesday, I have to deal with this and find a way to put it out of my mind. Sorry Aurelia, I'm not up to discussing the finite intracacies of this; my brain has already dealt the cards in my mind and regardless of our 98.5% chance of having 'normal' results, I am not going to be at ease until we get results in our hands. They will try to do RAD testing (available in 1 week or less) as well as the full testing (available in 2-3 weeks) so I just have to sit on edge and wait.

It's going to be a very long, trying, stressful couple of weeks. And no, I don't need that. But that is what I'm faced with. Thank you all for your positive thoughts; just knowing that you are out there thinking of me makes a difference. I think I'm going to hibernate til Tuesday, because I'm terrified to do anything else.


Aurelia said...

Ok, but I'm still going to email you some info, K? I assumed you would get the amnio anyway, as of course I would.

But there are just some questions you might want to ask a Doc that might put your mind at ease and if I point them out to you, you might feel better, cause you know what to ask.

(And if you mean Thin Pink Line Manuela, the amnio didn't cause her baby loss, the baby died in utero due to Downs. Happens all the time, there is a very high stillbirth/MC rate with all babies who have birth defects. Just saying....)

Angie said...

Much love to you and your family. **Praying that everything is fine and dandy! I am sorry that you have to go through this. BIG HUGS to you!

~*~Bodhi~*~ said...

You're in my thoughts hon and I'm praying that everything turns out fine for you. I don't blame you for going for the amnio, we'd always say we'd do the same, IMO it's better to know and be prepared than risk and see what will be will be.

And I know it's hard but try to stay positive....


Vee said...

All the best Gil, I hope the wait doesn't seem like forever. I am sure I would have doesn't the same with the results. Thinking of you.

Mo and Will said...


thinking of you. i know the next few days will be long ones indeed.
I hope they can pass as quickly as possible.