Thursday, March 26, 2009


Imagine my surprise this morning when I reached out to grab the morning newspaper, to find an envelope with my name on it in my mailbox as well. I was perplexed; who would drop a card in my mailbox? A friend? A neighbor? There was no stamp or address, just my first name on the envelope.

I brought the newspaper in and laid it down before turning the card over and opening it. I pulled out a pretty card with a lovely print of a painting on the cover. I opened it. And as I read the words therein, tears came to my eyes and my throat had a distinctive lump in it.

The card was indeed from my neighbor, Mary, who lives across the street. She’s a sweet friend and she’s been pulling for us for a long time… both her and her husband Marc. Once in awhile they comment here. Anyway, with Mary’s permission, this is what she wrote:

Hi Gil,
I know you’ve been having such a roller coaster time but at least you are now on the ride. I know some of those upcoming drop offs may seem scary but try to just take a deep breath and go with it. Try hard to live in the now and not what might happen. There is at least one constant. You are a very special person who has touched so many lives and made everyone’s life that you have touched that much better. No matter what happens, enjoy today. Give yourself permission to be happy and content. Stop! Be still! Just “BE”.
If you ever need anything, even just a shoulder or a hug, I’m just across the street.

Bless you Mary my dear. You made me cry and I am so grateful to have you and your husband in my life as both neighbors and friends. We all need friends like you and I thank heaven that I’ve got some of the best friends around.


loribeth said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet!! You are so very lucky!

If only the world had more Marys, it would be a much better place.

OHN said...

Can you ask Mary to please come to my house? I could use her right now :)

Anonymous said...

Mary is the kind of neighbour we all need.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

What a sweet, kind friend and neighbor you have!