Friday, September 02, 2011


As you all know, I took Petite "home" to Newfoundland for about 11 days in August. Ah yes, when I say "home" it always means back to Newfoundland. For while I reside and work in the nation's capital, I have no family here per se, and of course, I'm a Newf first and foremost... a Canadian second. (Remember, islanders only voted 51% to 49% to join Canada in the first place.)

Anyway, back at home, our first order of business was a haircut. We saw my hairdresser. She's been doing my hair since I was 8 years old; this wonderful lady has worked on my grandmother's hair, my mother's, mine, and now my daughter's hair. Four generations. We love her so much, we invited her to our wedding. She's more of a family friend now than just a hairdresser. Bless her too; she certainly knows her craft!

This is my new nephew, dozing peacefully on a blanket at my aunt's home. He's gorgeous. And such a good baby. My sister lucked out for sure!

My dad and Petite, playing in Bowring Park. She loved getting out and stretching her legs, running and playing with Poppy!

Again, Petite and Poppy. This time, they're feeding the ducks at Quidi Vidi (pronounced "Kiddy Viddy").

Petite and Auntie B, my mom's eldest sister. We went out for brunch one morning and had a lovely time.

Another of Petite with Auntie B. Here they are in the playground area of Bowring Park. Petite really loves the 'wings'!

My BIL and sister at Middle Cove. Pretty much any evening in the summer, you can go down to Middle Cove beach and make a fire on the beach, have a 'mug up' or just s'mores and snacks with friends. A great way to spend an evening, listening to the waves roll on the beach. Middle Cove is one of my top five favourite places in the world. And I love this pic. It turned out really well with the sun's fading colours behind them.

We even brought Petite to Middle Cove to have some fun and run around, dabbling her toes and hands in the water there. She was up way past her bedtime, but it was fun. Here we are together.

While at home, my sis and I took the kids to get photos done. Here's one of the best. My nephew is about 3 months old while Petite is almost 2 years old in this one.

Voilà. Our trip home in a nutshell. Yes, we had family and friends coming and going all week. We had a get-together to celebrate my nephew's birth. Aunts flew down from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. A cousin flew down the day I left. Another flew down two days before my sister left. We had relatives pop by to see the kids. A former co-worker of my mom's came for lunch one day too for the same thing! (It's ALL about the kids; I'm not delusional!) Auntie B bought a new house and a car (she's downsizing) and I'm told that she sold her own home this week. I missed seeing a couple of friends because of illness in the family and simply poor scheduling and commitments. Such is life.

But for all the insanity, it's still home to me. It always will be. And I miss it terribly.

I know this is more than the usual "This Moment" post. I hope that's okay. I just thought you might like to see how our holiday went.

This week, Petite's daycare is closed for vacation. So to accommodate, I'm working 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (through lunch and everything) to get home in time for Hubby to go to work for his 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift. It makes for a long day. I'm really glad this is a long weekend; we can recuperate a little. But then again, LaGrande (my stepdaughter) goes back to school on Tuesday. We've got some shopping to take care of to ensure she's all ready. Wish me luck!

Oh yes! One more thing...

For those in the National Capital Region, I'm pretty sure that the recent ads I've heard on Hot 89.9, and the poster I saw while out walking two days ago, are indicative of the coming to fruition of an initiative that was discussed at the Conceivable Dreams gathering I attended earlier this year. Stay tuned for more info; I expect that "Labour Day" we may hear some more information. How apropos! :)


BigP's Heather said...

Oh I LOVE the photos! Sounds like a great trip. I would love to hear you talk, I bet you have an amazing accent!

loribeth said...

Great photos!! I especially love the one on the beach -- your description of bonfires made me think of Delta Beach on Lake Manitoba -- we used to drive out there when we were teenagers, go swimming & then build a bonfire. We didn't even bring booze, just pop & chips & sometimes hot dogs to roast. Those were the days! : )Glad you had a good time. There's no place like home, wherever it may be!

marilyn said...

very sweet!!! what a fun family! I love the name poppy!