Tuesday, September 06, 2011

HOT 89.9; Win a Baby

You read that right. You can WIN a baby.

For those of us in the Ottawa area, my hunch was right. The local radio station, The New HOT 89.9, is sponsoring a contest. And the winner can WIN A BABY.

Okay, not a baby per se. Though the bus shelter ads are pretty neat, there's a disclaimer that the baby pictured not be exactly as shown! But the winner can win up to three fertility treatment procedures at the Ottawa Fertility Centre up to $35,000 in total.

Here's how it works:

Between Labour Day (appropriate!) and September 28, listeners in the Ottawa area can apply for the contest by going to the website and filling out the form. Early in October, a Judging Panel will review the submissions and select five finalists (and one alternate). On Friday, September 30, those five finalists will be announced and their stories will be shared on the air. Listeners will then be invited to visit the station's website to vote for their choice of finalists. On Monday, October 10, the winner will be announced and they will have one year to follow up with the OFC for treatment, and their story shared with the listening audience.

Rest assured: I'll be applying. I am sure I have a hope in hell of winning.

Think about it. They're going to want some young, pretty thing, newly married, who's been trying for a couple of years with no luck and no money to ever get lucky. They're not going to choose someone with failed vasectomy reversals, with PCOS and hypothyroidism, who already did IVF for one child and now "only wants to have a second baby to be greedy."

Seriously. I figure that's probably how they'll see it. But I have to hope. Because this year, we've had a LOT of crap thrown at us and we're still surviving. We're still here. We ARE going to make it. We don't have the finances that we once did (and that is preventing us from moving ahead right now) but we're still holding on. So the possibility of The New HOT 89.9 being my financial stork? Hell ya. I'm good with that.

I'm working on my application right now. I promise I'll keep you posted.


Marc said...

Good luck!

I think you're as worthy as anyone else.

IMO the strike against you is that you already have a child. I don't agree with any of your other reasoning about why you won't win. There's nothing "greedy" about wanting a second, a lot of people want 2 or more children. There's nothing wrong with that. Still, they may be looking for people without children.

On the positive side for you is that you and your hubby are wonderful people and wonderful parents. Your tireless crusade to help people having problems having babies should also count in your favour.

Once again... best of luck.

GracefulPhotos said...

Good Luck!!
I've been thinking about submitting an application as well because my fiance has a scheduled appointment for a vasectomy reversal December 6, but even if that works I was diagnosed with PCOS last year so we are hoping that everything works out for us. It crossed my mind several times that there is no point in even entering the contest since technically we haven't (because we can't) even try yet but I want more then anything to be pregnant and the costs associated with this in our predicament are high. I'd much rather have that money to spend on our little miracle baby. Also just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and it's very inspiring and keeps hope alive. Keep it up!!