Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ow my head!

It's been a very quiet week. Not much to report. I'm waiting for my CD3 bloodwork results and looking ahead to the 26th when I get CD23 bloodwork done.

In the meantime, last night I was struck with the migraine from h*ll. Before I started the TTC journey, I knew I got migraines often, but I didn't track when or figure out why. Now that we are TTC, I keep an eye on all those things. And I have realized that I get two migraines per month.

One comes shortly before ovulation (although just how soon before ovulation I'm never entirely certain; it seems to be about 24-36 hours I think) and the other comes about 24-48 hours before AF arrives.

I've read that this is related to progesterone levels. Interesting. I ought to do a little more research into that. What do you, my readers, know about progesterone levels and migraines? Or other monthly hormonal changes and how they relate to migraines? I'd be interested to see what information is out there.

Have a good week everyone. Oh, yes, before I forget, hubby and I had a LONG talk the other day. Much was resolved, and more to come. I'll update that a little later.


Vee said...

Can't give you any answers but I get a migraine the day before AF arrives.

I will be interested in your findings.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

sorry bout the sore head...i can def relate...i've not done too much research but for me i get a major headache (some months worse than others) when my progesterone drops just before my period...even when i'm on 200 mg a day of progesterone, i get a headache from whatever amount of progesterone i was producing on my own suddenly drops...i'll be interested to hear more...
in the meantime, take care of your head...also, i'm glad you and your hubby are sorting things through...

Aurelia said...

For me, I don't know about you, I get headaches whenever my estrogen rises. At one point I was getting bloodwork every other day and I had bets going on how high my E2 levels were based on the pain in my head.

I think it sometimes isn't about the level of the hormone or which one, it's how wildly it swings up or down.

Which is why when I'm on HRT steady every day, and don't stop for a period, I feel much better.

Of course, I can't TTC then either, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I get the premenstrual migraine. It sucks. I hope your head is feeling better soon.