Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking Ahead

It's Thursday. Usually nothing out of the ordinary, but today's a very good Thursday. Today is the day before a four-day Easter weekend. Thank heavens for small things. Hubby and I are feeling overly tired and dragged out these days. I think it's the time change catching up with us. Or maybe it's the fact that spring is officially here, and yet the city is covered in snow that is about four feet deep. Snow rage has appeared for some folks, for others, it's more like dejected resignation. I knew we should have taken a sun-holiday in February.

With the long weekend, we have some plans. Our godson will be three years old tomorrow. Imagine. Where did that time go? I was TTC long before that little boy appeared on the scene. And here I am still TTC. That's rather depressing. Oh yes, I'm thrilled to have a godson and to know that he is happy, healthy and is celebrating his birthday. I just wish I could give him a playmate. Our godson's older brother will be having his First Communion on Easter Sunday too. We're going to pass along greetings and gifts tomorrow though, rather than attend Sunday as well.

Besides, we're hoping that FINALLY we can hook up with Pam and V as they pass through the capital on Sunday on their way back home. If all goes well, we'll be able to meet them in person, after two previous attempts failed to hook up. Crossing my fingers that the third time is a charm!

On the IF front, I'm expecting AF any minute now. That's a bit problematic; I need to go for CD3 bloodwork this month and after today, my favorite phlebotomist's office isn't open until Monday. So I'm hoping that we can somehow coordinate for Monday. If CD3 is Tuesday, I'll see if I can do it all at the same time as the OGTT and the karotyping bloodwork at 'the other' vampire's office. *shudders* I am NOT looking forward to that.

Somewhat disconcerting though is the pain in my right side. In February, I learned I had another cyst. Until then I hadn't really felt much. But let me tell you, I'm definitely feeling it now. I know I need to have another ultrasound appointment; maybe I can call my other doc here and see if they can squeeze me in to check the progress. Or maybe I'll hold off til we're in Montreal on the 31st and they can do it then. I'll give them a call to check. Nevertheless, it's obviously still there. And likely we'll go the same route; BCP (with no success) and then laparoscopy to remove it. Ya gotta love the rollercoaster.

Health news of another nature; my mom's not doing all that well at the moment. The surgery that she had last year for her stenosis was relatively successful, but unfortunately, it did not help the neuropathy. In fact, after testing last week, they learned that her neuropathy is worse this year than last. So she's rather upset at that news. Now they want to test other family members (my uncle and my aunts) who exhibit similar early-stage symptoms. And they've asked to test me and my sister as well. I'll do the testing as long as it doesn't interfere in any potential IVF cycle. Needles are not my forté and I'll do whatever I can to avoid that extra stress. Right now though, I'm just concerned about Mom and wondering what can be done, if anything. There is no diagnosed cause in her case (often neuropathy is associated with diabetes or other health problems) so right now, there seems to be no treatment. I'm not so sure I accept that. My sister, who is a dietician with many connections in the health field, in both the States and Canada, has heard that B6 can help. And like she says, "If the cause of up to 30% of all peripheral neuropathy cases is unknown, then do all these people go without treatment?" THAT just ain't good enough. More to come on this topic, I'm sure.

In the meantime, Happy Easter to those of you celebrating this weekend!


Vee said...

It is frustrating when you can't do anything for your mother. Hoping the B6 will help.

Good luck with your BT's and have a lovely Easter.

Nearlydawn said...

Sorry to hear your Mom isn't doing as well as you'd hoped after the sugery. I have peripheral neuropothy too, in the hands and feet both, but mine has a cause...

I would be freaked out if I didn't know why. It isn't a pleasant thing to know that water is really, really hot but you can't feel more than medium hot. I made hubby turn the water heater down so that I wouldn't accidently burn myself or the baby. He doesn't like the cooler showers, but he's coping.

Hope you all can find a reason.

Good luck on your upcoming tests!

Happy Easter!

Aurelia said...

Don't let them tell you there is no cause and therefore no treatment. That just means her current Doctor has no clue and is trying to pretend it isn't fault. Just because he isn't able to diagnose her, doesn't mean she isn't diagnosable. Tell her to get another Doc, or ask your new RE if he knows someone who she could be referred to, maybe someone in her hometown, or even Halifax, or Montreal?
Think about how good you felt when the doc in Montreal gave you some answers compared to the Doc in Ottawa who seemed to have no clue.
Your mom deserves the same. Convince her.

Angie said...

Just stopping by. I hope you have a nice Easter.

Kate said...

I hope you can coordinate the blood work. I'm so so sorry to hear about your mom. I really hope that he B6 will work....