Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Room That Shall Not Be Named

For the last few days, hubby and I have been busy every evening, up to our eyes in sawdust, woodworking tools, paint cans, measuring tapes... eeesh, I'm dizzy just thinking about it. Our goal is to strip and refinish "The Room That Shall Not Be Named" before Friday, February 2.

I bought the house in December of 2001, and hubby and I moved in in late January 2002. Shortly thereafter, my aunt, a seamstress by trade, worked her magic and made lovely curtains for all the bedrooms. In that room, I chose a beautiful green and yellow pattern; yellow stars, moons and suns on a green background, with flecks of yellow throughout.

The green and yellow was a no-brainer. You see, The Room has an intended purpose. Oh yes. And many of you infertiles know exactly what I'm talking about. It just screams "nursery" at me. In fact, that room was a major selling point of the house. Forget the fact that it has a large in-ground pool, or a huge finished basement, or any of the other good features. No no, it was The Room that really sealed the deal for me.

And because we have not yet had a child, The Room has been designated under many appellations. It's been called: the small guest room, J's room (when my stepson lived with us), the back bedroom, the white bedroom (originally I just whipped a coat of white paint on the previously grey walls), the room with the walk-in closet, etc. But never, ever, ever will I dare call it The Nur... well, you know. THAT name. So much like in the Har.ry Pot.ter films that refuse to utter the name of the bad guy, I've decided to give it the privilege of being called The Room That Shall Not Be Named.

Anyone who knows me knows darn well I will not, I absolutely refuse to, I positively despise putting pretty pink or pale blue on a room that will be used for that purpose. If ever I have the blessed opportunity to have a child, the room will be yellow, green and white. Crisp, classic, fresh colours. THAT is what I want in The Room. Thus, the green and yellow curtains that I so adore. Thank you Aunt B for those gorgeous curtains! *kisses*

Anyway, in refinishing The Room, we started out with the idea of putting in new laminate flooring. Then I thought if the floor is going to be done, we're going to be taking off the baseboard and quarter round. So, a great opportunity to finally get a nice coat of paint on the walls. To get rid of the bland, boring old white. Ugh. It needed a paint job long ago anyway. I took the material from the curtain and I went out to find a paint to match. Then I thought, well, it'd also be nice to go ahead and put on the white wainscoting that I'd wanted to have in The Room when it finally gets used for its intended purpose. I mean, why bother to do the floors and the paint and then put it all back together in order to tear it apart again in the future? So I bought the wainscoting.

And the renovation work begain. Off came the baseboard and quarter round. Hubby pried up the old and damaged parquet flooring. I've put on the two coats of paint on the full wall, and painted the wainscoting. Tonight, we lay the laminate and either tonight or tomorrow we put up the baseboard, wainscoting, chair rail and quarter round. Put up the curtains again (the inspiration for the whole room) and load in the furniture again. Voilà. New room to enjoy.

In considering whether I would even tackle the work, I wondered why, oh why would I deprive my guests and my own family of having a beautiful room to enjoy? I just think it's a little silly to sit and wait; to count on something that I am never certain about and hold off those plans until... well... heavens knows when, right? Life goes on. I have to live for today and enjoy my surroundings today instead of pinning my hopes on all that. I cannot let it control my life. I didn't want to jinx it before, but you know, I can't think that way any longer. Part of taking stock of my life I guess and moving forward for now, until I cycle again.

And why do we have to do all this before Friday, you ask? Because my stepson will be 11 years old on Thursday. (Side note: I was introduced to him when he was four, almost five, and his sister was six at the time.) And on Friday, hubby and I are going with nine of our friends and their children to a junior hockey game. After the game, three of the kids will be having a sleepover at our house so I'd love to put the room to use. Worst case scenario, they will bunk on the living room floor in front of the fireplace and watch TV and play video games or whatever floats their boat. Besides, it needs to be done before the end of February because Aunt B and my mom are coming to visit for 10 days. And they deserve to enjoy a beautiful room too.

Sending hugs to
Katd over at They Grow in Your Heart. She and her husband are waiting for news from their adoption agency about the birth mother who was matched to them. The birth mother is due this week, but they've not heard from her in awhile and are wondering whether their adoption will take place at all, or whether luck will fall in their laps and everything will go as originally intended. Keep us posted katd. May good things come to you!

**Edited to add**
Ah ha! Caught ya! By the looks of things, I'm not the only one out there with a Room that shall not be named! You guys seem to have them too; I knew I wasn't alone. So I'm opening up comments to you to tell me about your "Room" and what you use it for now, what you would like to do with it, colours, styles, anything at all. Share. :)


Anonymous said...

We have been in our house over 5 years now and we still have an empty room that shall not be named.

Will you post pics when you are done? It sounds like it will be beautiful!

Angie said...

The room sounds beautiful! I agree with my reality, will you post pics? Our room right now is the "spare room". We have a bed and our computer in here. I of course, have bigger plans for it as well!

Anonymous said...

the room sounds lovely!
i'm sitting in our room. once an office. then a junk room. now an office. but we all know what it really is.

Jamie said...

My room has been decorated and ready since we moved in 3 1/2 years ago. We call it the "blue room" and it is decorated in a Chicago Cubs baseball theme (I don't care if it is a boy or a girl -- it's getting a baseball room) and I even have adorable Pottery Barn Kids baseball crib bedding in a box in our storage room. I've had that for about 3 1/2 years too -- in a way it is very sad and depressing to think about. Luckily I avoid the room as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you want to know what is in my room now? Cookbooks, cake decorating supplies, a filing cabinet and 2 lamps that are supposed to be moved downstairs but I haven't had the umph to do that yet. Oh, and there is a dead computer in there and 2 desk chairs.

I won't do anything with that room for a long time. If IVF works, I think I would be too afraid to jinx anything. I am in a small panic though, if I ever need that room, what am I going to do with my 100 or so cookbooks? We have no room on the main floor and they can't go to the basement. Think I could keep them where they are and read them as bedtime stories to a kid if one ever moves in there?

Honestly, I have been afraid to think about any serious plans for that room. We keep the door closed mostly and just ignore the fact that it is still there.

Baby Blues said...

We had an unnamed room before finding out it's not going to be that easy. Decided to just use it for storage and as a walk in closet because we just didn't want to jinx trying to conceive by preempting it. But I'd love to work on that room someday.

Good luck on the room renovations!

Anonymous said...
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