Friday, February 09, 2007

Pictures! (No, not the room... yet)

A few of you asked for updates on the room. Much to my chagrin, it's not QUITE finished. While I am definitely very ambitious, I am obviously not realistic! Apparently my dad thought I was "hiring" someone to do this work, and my sister was under the impression that I was taking time off work to do it all. No, gosh no. None of that! Tsk tsk! It's all my doing and it's being done every evening after I get off work. I'm plain tuckered out. But wow, the room is looking spectacular. I have a little more caulking to do tonight (I ran out of caulk last night) and then a last coat of paint on the wainscot to cover joints and nail hole fillings etc. One last going over with the dustcloth and I'll clean the windows and then it will be done. Before I reload the room, I'll take pics, I promise! Okay? Happy now?! Sheesh!

Though to appease you, I thought I'd put in some sort of pictures. These are two pics of my (fur) babies. Smudge (on the left) and Shadow are now the ripe old age of 11 years. I got them in the fall of 1995 while living in southern Japan and I brought them back to Canada with me in 1996 when I returned after three years in the Land of the Rising Sun. Even at age 11 they're still full of mischief and they are just gorgeous. And yes, if you are astute, you can see that the time on the digital box does indeed say "5:28"... that would be a.m. people. Hubby and I are up at 5 and I'm at my desk at 6:40 a.m. for my day. Ugh. On the bright side, we do get home by 3:30 p.m.! Okay, here you go... my "babies"...

P.S. To answer Shlomit, I work as a Senior Technical Writer–Editor (cum Translator) for... *whispers* the officers in red serge. Hubby is an IT support specialist and his shift is from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Because he and I carpool (our offices are close) I get up to go with him at that unearthly hour. You do get used to it though; I love having my afternoons to run errands and such!


Anonymous said...

your cats are gorgeous...but, you get up at WHAT time?!?!?!? you are at your desk working by WHEN?!?!?!?!
what is it you do?!?!?!?!

oh, and you are my new hero!

Susan said...

can't wait to see the room. cute kitties.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable!

I can't imagine getting up in the middle of the night to go to work. I am still in my bed when you get to your desk!

OHN said...

I am at work by 6:30 every morning but my commute consists of plodding down the stairs and into my office, usually with messy hair, stinky breath and very cozy slippers and sweats. I love my job:)

Do your kitties snuggle together? We have two that are always "hugging" when they are sleeping..really cute.

Aurelia said...

Ooohh, laughing a bit here. I blog about both fertility AND politics, and when I saw a hit from a certain place in the capital I wondered why that office would be interested in my blog.
Well, now I feel very relieved!

Gil said...

LOL... no need to worry Aurelia! Just a blogger about infertility who is lucky enough to be able to access these blogs from my office! You've nothing to fear from me! :)