Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally, it's done!

So without further delay, here are the photos of the new and improved "room that shall not be named."

We started out by ripping up the baseboard and quarter round, and then hubby tore out the old, stained and icky parquet flooring. We screwed down the subfloor (because when the house was built, nails were used) and then I proceeded to paint all the walls. The colour is a paint (Desert Moss, #360F-5) to match the colour of the suns, moons and stars in the curtains. Then we laid down the new laminate flooring (10mm, cherry) before we put down the new baseboard and quarter round. Then came the wainscot on the lower portion of the walls, and the chair rail capped it off. I caulked the edges, painted the trim/wainscot and voilà! All in all, it took us about two weeks to do, working at it in the evenings after work for a few hours a night.

What do you think?

Yes, that wind chime is from Japan. It's one of the many souvenirs that I brought back from my time over there. I think I have something from Japan in every room of the house!

Note: Just for reference, our house is a three-bedroom bungalow with a finished basement built in the mid '60s. So it's sturdy like nothing else, but it also means we're working with old framing.

On the fertility front, we're still on our self-imposed hiatus and the drug-free thing is superb. I am glad we are taking this time. Next cycle is the bloodwork; I'll skip it this month because my mom and aunt will be visiting at that time so I'll go deal with it next month. And then we'll cycle again. I have a much better outlook right now and I don't want to lose that in the spiral of depression that often occurs with IF. But trying to balance the age factor with needing some time off is a tough thing. Glad I have projects like this to keep me occupied!

Before I sign off, does anyone know how I can reach Flicka over at Vacant Uterus? She's gone PW-protected and if she'll let me, I'd love to continue reading. If you know how to reach her, please contact me (e-mail info in my profile) with her info and I'll get in touch with her. Thanks in advance!


sariel & shlomit said...

WOW! you guys are IMPRESSIVE!!!! it looks great and i'm not sure where you get your energy from (working all day and home improvements at night) but you are def ready for kids!
i'm going to show sariel these pics...poor guy is home improvement-challenged as he has never lived in a house until we bought this one!
thanks for the inspiration!

My Reality said...

The room looks great! Want to come here and do my room?

I looked at all of the pics - and I have to ask this. Is there an orb in the last picture? I can see the light reflections on the walls in some of them, but in the last picture, there is a spot on the wall that looks like the light and a spot on the bottom half. You can tell me to go away if you want, but it kind of looks like an orb to me. Sorry!

Gil said...

I see the "orb" you're referring to; in fact, it (like the others) is just a reflection of the light in the bedroom. I have yet to change the light fixture. Right now, it's a two-spotlight fixture that I absolutely despise. Anyway, that "orb" is a reflection of one of the spotlights in the camera lens. It does look odd doesn't it?

Glad you like the room. I'd LOVE to do work like this all the time. I enjoy it but I'm so particular it drives my hubby insane!

Angie said...

The room looks great!

Neeroc said...

I love the colours and wainscoting. The room looks great!